The Matrix

Check Out These 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Matrix’


To celebrate the return of The Wachowskis to theaters with 'Jupiter Ascending,' Cinefix has compiled 7 facts about 'The Matrix.'


A Very Smart And Totally Realistic Ranking Of The Sexiest Movie Hackers

By | 58 Comments

With 'Blackhat' comes the time-honored Hollywood trope of sexy action hero hackers, so let's revisit some of the all-time best.


Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Geeky TV: Welcome Back, ‘Gotham’

By | 122 Comments

'Gotham' returns tonight, and we get to see the inside of Arkham Asylum. We're guessing that doesn't end well.


The Love, Loss, And Devastating Life Of Keanu Reeves

By | 53 Comments

His movies have made over $3 billion. He has also experienced more pain than anyone should have.


Which Keanu Reeves Character Would You Want On Your Side In A Bar Fight? An Analysis.

By | 41 Comments

From Johnny Utah to Jack Traven, let's examine which Keanu Reeves character we'd most want to have on our side when bad stuff goes down.

The Matrix

The Bad 8-Bit Video Game Version Of ‘The Matrix’ Actually Looks Kind Of Amazing

By | 3 Comments

What if 'The Matrix' had come out in the early 90s instead of the late 90s?

The Matrix

An 8-Bit Soundtrack Vastly Improves ‘The Matrix’ Sequels

By | 11 Comments

A film student has changed the Matrix sequels for the better, by giving them a Nintendo-esque soundtrack.


Are 'The Matrix' Sequels Really That Bad? Let's Discuss.

By | 39 Comments

We investigate the Matrix sequels to see if they're really as bad as you remember.

#Fascinating Facts

15 Mind-Altering Facts About 'The Matrix' To Make You Say Whoa On Its 15th Anniversary

By | 35 Comments

Pop the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole really goes on this sci-fi action classic.

#Fascinating Facts

Morpheus And 9 Other Famous Roles Almost Portrayed By Russell Crowe

By | 12 Comments

Can't get Russell Crowe for your movie? There's a solution for that: Hugh Jackman.

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'The Matrix' Is Getting A Prequel Trilogy

By | 30 Comments

Apparently there weren't enough bad movies in the Matrix franchise to satisfy Warner Brothers, so we're getting three more.

The Matrix

Here’s Kia’s Bizarre ‘Matrix’-Themed Super Bowl Ad

By | 7 Comments

What is The Matrix? In this particular case, the starting point for probably the weirdest ad of the Super Bowl.


From ‘Psycho’ To ‘Jack Ryan': Hollywood’s Love Affair With Bathroom Violence

By | 31 Comments

The latest clip from 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' reminds us that Hollywood loves graphic fight scenes that take place in bathrooms.

The Matrix

Honest Trailer: The Matrix Trilogy


The Matrix and its two sequels receive the always entertaining Honest Trailer treatment.

The Matrix

Let A 65-Year-Old Mom Who's Never Heard Of 'The Matrix' Explain The Plot Of 'The Matrix'

By | 5 Comments

Joe Nicolos made his 65-year-old mom watch "The Matrix" for the first time and asked her to explain the plot. He animated her description.

The Matrix

The Matrix: Mom Edition


Joe Nicolosi's mom hadn't seen The Matrix, so he watched it with her and asked her to explain what happened.

The Matrix

‘The Matrix’ in 60 Seconds


The entire 1999 blockbuster condensed down to 60 seconds, thanks to some creative animating.


Flight Of The Conchords Covered By 'Team Fortress 2' (And Other Mashups)


Featured mashup videos of the week, including The Matrix / Office Space, Flight of the Conchords redone in Source Filmmaker, Taken Nemo, and Star Trek 'Call Me Maybe'.

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