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10 Warner Brothers TV Shows That Netflix Should Add To Instant Watch Immediately

By | 74 Comments

Ten of the best and most addictive TV shows in the WB catalogue that deserve to be added to Netflix alongside "Fringe" and "The West Wing."


Today We Learned Sue Heck From ‘The Middle’ Is Super Cute In Real Life

By | 18 Comments

Eden Sher, who plays Sue Heck on 'The Middle,' is not only surprisingly cute, but a very endearing interviewee.


What's On Tonight: A Bunch of Idiots

By | 19 Comments

Survivor (CBS) -- The title of tonight's episode is, "A Bunch of Idiots.


Gasp! TV Stars Sometimes Say Stupid Things About Politics

By | 157 Comments

I don't want to get too political here, because you guys have a tendency to act civil in the comments when we talk politics, and civility has no place on the Internet.

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