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Miley Cyrus

Someone Started A Petition To Change The National Anthem To ‘Party In The USA’

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Someone launched a petition on the White House's "We the People" site to make Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" the new national anthem of America.


Hear Metallica’s Rendition Of ‘The National Anthem’

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Metallica performed the National Anthem during Metallica Night in San Francisco.

the national anthem

An Escaped Condor At A Hockey Game Is The 'Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Seen'

By | 2 Comments

Watch what happens when a condor gets loose during the Nationa Anthem at a hockey game.


Beyoncé Holds Press Conference To Prove Screw You, She Can Sing The National Anthem

By | 6 Comments

To quiet the haters, Beyoncé sang the National Anthem at a Super Bowl press conference.


Beyoncé’s ‘National Anthem’ Scandal Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

By | 2 Comments

Watch a "Bad Lip Reading" rendition of Beyonce's National Anthem performance.

whitney houston

IMPEACH OBAMA! Beyonce Lip-Synced The National Anthem At The Inauguration

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Beyonce's incredible national anthem performance was lip-synced, which makes it somehow illegitimate to many it seems.

The Fray Performed A Spectacularly Bad Rendition Of The National Anthem Last Night

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Over the years I've become quite adept at being able to time exactly when I need to leave my house -- or anywhere else in the town I'm living in for that matter -- in order to make it to a sporting event precisely when kickoff or tipoff is taking place.

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