Wiz Khalifa

Snoop Dogg x DJ Skee – #PuffPuffPassTuesdays Mixtape


Tha D-O Double G had a successful run with his weekly weed smoker series and to keep his Doggumentary album in everybody's mouth, he recruits the Westside's go-to-pointman, DJ Skee to put the pieces together to make it LP.

Til The Casket Drops

Clipse Feat. Pharrell & Kenna – “Life Change” Video

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Around this time last year, the Clipse were firmly established in having their cult following support and promote what ever direction their drug trade influenced penances took them.


Lupe Fiasco Feat. All City Chess Club – “We Beamin’ (Remix)”

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Despite what Arthur from work says, All City Chess Club aren't just a bunch of dorks who decided to do a woodwind version of Lupe's lead single.

Young Money

The Complexities Of Nicki Minaj

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Kid Cokey isn't the only rap star gracing Complex Mag this fall.


A N.E.R.D.’s Life

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When it comes to modern day Virginia, names like Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Clipse, Timbaland and Missy all garner high levels of admiration.

The Neptunes


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There comes a time when listeners have the right to actually stop caring about rappers whose favorite lyrics are "coming soon.

The Neptunes

Lupe Fiasco – “I’m Beaming”

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To reward him for his selfless humanitarian efforts, Lupe's record label unleashes the track that spawned a Wasulu temper tantrum and keyboard battle of wits with YN.

The Rest Of The Neptunes

“The Rest Of The Neptunes…”

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Billboard recently crowned The Neptunes producers of the decade for their assassins work in murdering the charts.

XXL Magazine

Video: Clipse Break Down Neptunes Beat Selection Process

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Malice & Pusha sat down with XXL to discuss the advantageous situation of having first dibs on beatwork by Grade-A producers The Neptunes.

the dream

“1800” – Review Of Snoop Dogg’s “Malice N’ Wonderland”

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Certain people are placed on this Earth for particular reasons.

Til The Casket Drops

Clipse Feat. Cam’ron & Pharrell – “Popular Demand” (Popeye’s) Video

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Rik Cordero and Three/21 got the cinematography on that chicken n' biscuits combo of Clipse & Killa Cam that you've been craving.

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Clipse – “Doorman” Video

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Hey Doormaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Til The Casket Drops

Clipse – “Doorman”

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My apologies to those still trying to hold out on this release.

The Neptunes

Missy Elliott Feat. Teyana Taylor – “Put It On Ya”

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Eforebay Amandaway Ivaday, Issymay Elliottway asway TC'say ainmay Iphay-Ophay ameday.

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