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‘Batman V Superman’ Producer Just Leaked Which Origin Story Wonder Woman Will Have

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'Batman V Superman' producer Charles Roven seems to have accidentally revealed which origin story will be used for Wonder Woman in the film.


Here’s The Debut Trailer For The First New 52 Animated Movie ‘Justice League War’

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The New 52 Justice League gets animated, and Wonder Woman gets yet another new costume...


Meet DC’s Hunky New Lobo

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DC misses the point in spectacular fashion with their new Lobo redesign...


9 "Prominent" Characters DC Could Out As Gay (and One They Shouldn't)

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Up until recently, DC's policy was to introduce new characters and have them already be homosexual, as opposed to their standard policy of pretending Obsidian was just, like, totally too busy for dates and just wanted to keep his private life private, OK.


The New 52's Second Wave: How Is It So Far?

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Yesterday was New Comic Book Day, and on the shelves were the replacements for the books DC didn't like in the New 52, which at least got eight issues apiece.


20 Photos of the New 52’s Second Wave

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As we all know, some of the New 52 are being shown the door after eight issues and being replaced next month with a bunch of new books: "Earth 2", which gives James Robinson the Justice Society to play with again.


DC Bringing Back "Showcase", Calling It "National Comics"

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Remember back in the '90s, when DC decided to pay tribute to its anthology books by restarting Showcase.


The Four New 52 Titles We Hated, Seven Issues Later

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When the New 52 launched last year, we did an extensive, and sometimes scathing, look at them, and came up with four books we could not freaking stand.

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DC Kinda Misses the Point About the Starfire Controversy

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I find it a bit weird that most of the controversy about the New 52 and the fact that DC has apparently learned not a single thing from being regularly chewed out about this by the Internet for, like, a decade, centers around Starfire, of all characters.

week four

The New 52: Week Four

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So, I've spent three weeks reading the New 52, and frankly, there's a reason I've been using images of drunken superheroes: it's the only way to get through some of this stuff.


Patton Oswalt’s Goodbye Forever To DC Comics


Want a shorter version of this post.


The New 52: Week Three

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This got delayed due to some technical issues, of the ID-10-T variety.


DC Misrepresents Mental Illness? Really?


So, a bunch of shrinks have decided to try and cash in on the publicity of the DC reboot by saying DC should make comics more accurate, and by accurate, we mean boring.


4Chan Recreates DC’s New 52 In MS Paint


When I happened upon an archived 4chan thread where several anonymous members drew the DC Comics covers of the New 52 using MS Paint, I knew I had to match the drawings to the #1 issue covers on which they were based.


“The New 52″: Week 1

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I've been a DC fan since I was a kid.


Patton Oswalt on the DC Relaunch, His Plan To Wipe Out Third World Debt

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We've written before about what a comics nerd Patton Oswalt is, so it comes as no surprise he commented on the DC relaunch in a long, awesome interview with the AV Club.

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