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So, Who Is TV’s Most Annoying Kid Character Now?

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Now that Carl Grimes is kind of awesome, who takes his crown as the most annoying kid character on TV? So many right answers, and none of them are Joffrey.

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The 3 New Shows That Have Already Been Given Full Season Pick Ups (And The 1 That Won’t)

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The Peacock ordered an additional nine episodes for three of their shows, unlike a certain Fox series, which is about to get cancelled.


10 Big Questions About The Fall 2012 TV Season

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A list of 10 questions concerning "Community," "The Walking Dead," and other shows that will be answered during the fall 2012-2013 TV season.

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Utah NBC Affiliate Won't Carry 'The New Normal,' Thinks Being Gay Is 'Rude'

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A Utah NBC affiliate won't carry Ryan Murphy's 'The New Normal,' because they find that the gay content is excessively rude.

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One Million Moms Is Protesting Ryan Murphy’s ‘The New Normal’

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We're not against protesting Ryan Murphy; we just want it to be for the right reasons.


iPhone 5 Rumors Are Boring Because Apple Did Its Job Too Well

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It's really baffling how much money is being spent on people telling you that Apple wants to make the iPhone 5 thinner. Gee, really? Apple? That's a complete reversal in design direction for them.

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