Shonda Rhimes Responded To The New York Times Calling Her An ‘Angry Black Woman’

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Shonda Rhimes is many things. An "angry black woman" isn't one of them.


Lizzy Caplan Spoke To The New York Times Magazine About Dildos And Tom Arnold

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Lizzy Caplan has many opinions on dildos, masturbation, and Tom Arnold

modern prohibition

The New York Times Editorial Board Calls For The National Legalization Of Marijuana

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In a kind of stunning move, the Old Grey Lady has called on Congress to legalize marijuana.


Woody Allen In The New York Times: ‘I Did Not Molest Dylan’

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"Of course, I did not molest Dylan. I loved her and hope one day she will grasp how she has been cheated out of having a loving father."


The ‘New York Times’ Turns Run-Of-The-Mill Articles Into Brilliant Haikus


Launched as an April Fools' Day joke, the New York Times Haiku Tumblr is actually kind of amazing.

#Jay Z

Jay-Z Will Order You A Fish Sandwich And You Will Like It

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The New York Times dispatched Zadie Smith to profile Jay-Z. The result is the delightful "House That Hova Built."


Well Played, New York Times

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In the history of greatest newspaper corrections, this has to be at least top 10.


Fox News Takes NY Times to Task for Calling Southern Food ‘Undignified’

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I don't care what part of the country you come from, or what your politics are: Paula Deen is a goddamn national treasure.


Mini-Doc: NY Times Examines “The Crossover”

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<a href=""> The crossover dribble is a thing of beauty. Like lightning, it appears out of nowhere, an instant of speed, of skill, of athleticism. A good one will give a player an open lane to the rim, send a defender sprawling and cause a crowd to explode. A great one will become indelibly etched in time, reminisced about until it becomes the stuff of legend. Allen Iverson versus Michael Jordan or Iverson versus Tyronn Lue, for example. People don’t talk about the spin move or the hop step like they do the crossover. The move stands in a class of its own. To celebrate the crossover, the <a href="">New York Times</a> put together a video all about the move and some of its most notable masters.


Va$htie x The NY Times

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<a href=""> A few months ago, I told <a href="">Va$htie</a> that she was a topic of conversation between my twelve year old daughter and I when discussing how limitless the world can be if you use your mind and imagination.

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