Larry David Finally Addresses Jennifer Lawrence’s Crush On Him


Larry David heard about Jennifer Lawrence's crush on him and responds the best way he can.

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When Richard Linklater Has Business To Tend To In LA He Goes And Immediately Gets The Hell Out


In its newest issue, The New Yorker profiles Richard Linklater. It's a must-read for fans of the writer/director.


Read This Now: The New Yorker On How ESPN Trains Athletes for TV


"The Worldwide Leader In Sports" pulls out all the stops to make former athletes coherent on-air personalities.

The New Yorker’s Cartoons Are Better When Every Caption Is About Sucking D*ck


Everything is funnier when the words "suck my d*ck" are involved. Especially New Yorker cartoons.


Walter White Shares This Week’s ‘New Yorker’ Cover With Syrian Dictator Bachar al-Assad


A TV drug kingpin sharing space on the cover of the New Yorker with a thuggish dictator? Walter White, ladies and gentlemen.


The New Yorker’s Bryan Cranston Profile Is Predictably Long And Loaded With Interesting Nuggets


If you're a Breaking Bad fan, you'll probably want to read the New Yorker profile on Bryan Cranston that's in this week's issue.

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The Most Quoted Man In News

Greg Packer has been quoted by media outlets nearly a thousand times.

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The 'New Yorker' Puts Bert & Ernie On Its Cover To Celebrate The Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Rulings


This may be the closest we ever come to having Bert and Ernie come out, so let's embrace it.

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The New Yorker Explores How And Why Danish TV Is So Awesome


The New Yorker on how shows like The Killing -- the original version, BTW, not the sh*t-sandwich AMC served us -- have become so good and popular worldwide.


Raunchy Pornography Rag The New Yorker Banned From Facebook


The flagship cesspool of Conde Nast, the New Yorker, has found a stalwart foe in Facebook.


Jon Hamm & Lena Dunham Team Up To Tell You About The ‘New Yorker iPhone App Or Something

For those of you who enjoyed mixing Girls with Mad Men this past spring and into the early summer (I begrudgingly did so by hate-watching Girls each week), you might be amused by this promotional web video for the New Yorker's new iPhone app featuring Jon Hamm and Lena Dunham, who also directed the spot.


You Can Get Published In The New Yorker By Captioning The Cartoon Seen On ‘Seinfeld’


The New Yorker is giving you a chance to caption a cartoon featured on Seinfeld yourself — if they like your entry, it'll be published in the magazine. Like Elaine, I've been staring at that damn pig for hours now and I'm shooting mental blanks.


The 'New Yorker' Is Going To Tweet Out An 8,500 Word Jennifer Egan Short Story, For Some Reason

Often times, attempts by old media outlets to "maximize" social media are mind-boggling exercises in high comedy, but the New Yorker has, for the most part, maintained its dignity by not resorting to overtly desperate and dumb gimmicks in an effort to "draw attention to" and "enhance" their presence on Twitter and Facebook.

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PoV: Steve Jobs And The Pearly Gates


Steve Jobs not only changed the world we live in.

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The History And The Science Of Online Dating

This week's New Yorker contains a massive piece (Like there's such a thing as a non-massive New Yorker piece.

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The New Yorker Discovers Odd Future, Earl Sweatshirt

This week's New Yorker devotes 8000 words by Kelefa Sanneh to Odd Future, specifically to "Earl Sweatshirt," the 16 year-old member of the group who seemingly dropped from the face of the earth months ago.

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Dream Deferred…


Words By Contraâ„¢ That a man be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin was the dream of a martyr, but never a reality amongst his people.

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