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Jeff Daniels Reveals His ‘Dumb And Dumber To’ Secret Weapon


Jeff Daniels accepted his Emmy award and then promptly left to go show his butt crack off on the 'Dumb And Dumber To' set.

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HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ Renewed For A Third And Final Season

By | 8 Comments

HBO has renewed Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom" for a third season, and added Paul Lieberstein as executive producer.

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Marcia Gay Harden’s Twitter Bio Is Crazy, Wonderful

By | 9 Comments

If Twitter bios were used to diagnose insanity, Marcia Gay Harden would likely be in straight jacket right now.


A Writer’s Assistant On HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ Wrote Some Really Creepy Lena Dunham Fan Fiction

By | 14 Comments

The fan fiction is called 'Lena Dunham's D*ck - m4w - 26 (L train),' and you don't want to read it. Trust me.


A Failed Former College Football Coach Managed To Spoil ‘Breaking Bad’ & ‘The Newsroom’ With One Tweet

By | 31 Comments

Gerry DiNardo was a very bad football coach (trust me on this...I'm an LSU fan who suffered through his regime). He's also very bad at Twitter.

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‘The Newsroom’ Discussion: Charlie Skinner Is Not F**king Around!

By | 41 Comments

A rundown of the first part of 'The Newsroom's two-part season finale.

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Alison Pill To Conan: It's My Blackberry's Fault That I Tweeted A Topless Pic Of Myself

By | 11 Comments

Alison Pill of "The Newsroom" explains that last year's accidental topless pic tweeting SNAFU was due to her inability to use her new phone.

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‘I’m A Marine, Don. I Will Beat The Sh*t Out Of You': A Supercut Of All The Shouting On ‘Newsroom’

By | 8 Comments

WHAT IN THE NAME OF HOLY F**K. Aaron Sorkin's 'The Newsroom' characters at their shouty best.

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The Internet Must Have Boned Aaron Sorkin’s Girlfriend. That’s The Only Explanation At This Point.

By | 98 Comments

Aaron Sorkin's disdain for the web can only be explained by infidelity and betrayal. Nothing else makes sense.

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Here’s Video Of Olivia Munn Dislocating Her Shoulder On An Indoor Swing

By | 20 Comments

Let's all watch Olivia Munn dislocate her shoulder on an indoor swing, just because.

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‘Newsroom’ Recap: Operation Genoa Just Got Real

By | 33 Comments

A rundown of 'One Too Many,' the Newsroom episode where the Operation Genoa story takes flight.

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‘Newsroom’ Recap: Sloan Sabbith Will Have Her Way

By | 19 Comments

A recap of 'News Night with Will McAvoy, the latest episode of 'Newsroom.'

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‘The Newsroom’ Recap: The Good, The Bad, And The Downright Offensive And Ugly

By | 80 Comments

A rundown of 'Unintended Consequences,' the fourth episode of season two of 'The Newsroom.'


Weekend Preview: The Most Improved Show Of The Year Ends Its Season, And Maybe Its Series

By | 19 Comments

The season, and possibly series' finale of 'The Killing' is the weekend's big highlight.

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What Happened To ‘The Newsroom’s’ Maggie Jordan While She Was In Uganda?

By | 36 Comments

A theory, based on news events, of what happened to 'The Newsroom's' Maggie Jordan while she was in Africa.

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What We Learned From This Week's Romantically Entangled Episode Of 'The Newsroom'

By | 41 Comments

A rundown of 'Willie Pete,' the latest episode of 'The Newsroom,' which was short on news and big on romance.

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