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The Next Xbox: What We’re Most Likely Seeing Tomorrow

By | 20 Comments

The Next Xbox is officially announced tomorrow. But what are we likely to see?

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'IllumiRoom': Here's A Closer, Surprisingly Honest Look At Microsoft's 'Xbox Holodeck'

By | 17 Comments

Here's a unusually honest look at what Microsoft's IllumiRoom can actually do...


Microsoft Employee Accidentally Confirms Always-On Next Xbox

By | 69 Comments

Don't have Internet connected to your console? Adam Orth, a creative director at Microsoft, suggests that you just deal with it.

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Microsoft Ain’t Care: The Next Xbox May Still Require An Internet Connection And Block Used Games

By | 29 Comments

Seems like Microsoft is feeling generous, may be planning to hand Sony and Nintendo a nice juicy competitive advantage...

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Enjoy Used Games While You Can: No Second-Hand Games For The Next Xbox

By | 64 Comments

Reselling something you bought legally? Pssh -- what kind of scumbag wants to do something like that?

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