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50 Questions About Pete Campbell’s New California Storyline On ‘Mad Men’

By | 30 Comments

Pete Campbell is in California on this season of "Mad Men." We have many, many questions.


Who Said No To ‘The O.C.’ Cast Reunion…Bitch?

By | 7 Comments

OK, fess up: who said "no" to a "The O.C." cast reunion?


‘The O.C.’ Debuted 10 Years Ago Today. Let’s Reflect On This For A Moment.

By | 39 Comments

Today marks the 10th anniversary of "The O.C." Here's a quick roundup of the coverage.


Death Cab For Newbies: 15 Songs That Would Be On ‘The O.C.’ Soundtrack If The Show Was Still On

By | 5 Comments

If Fox's "The O.C." was still on the air, here are some songs you might hear on the show.

the o.c.

Welcome To ‘Mad Men’ Reimagined As ‘The OC,’ Bitch (And The Morning Links)

By | 2 Comments

See what "Mad Men" would look like as an episode of "The OC," and the rest of the Morning Links.


The Summer Roberts Guide To 2013 Summer TV

By | 37 Comments

Let Summer Roberts from "The O.C." be your guide to summer 2013's most anticipated TV dates.


Berkeley Law School Has A Sandy Cohen Public Defender Fellowship, As They Should

By | 18 Comments

In 2004, fans of "The O.C." at Berkeley Law School established a Sandy Cohen fellowship. How did I not know this?


If You Go To Duke, You Can Take A Class On ‘The O.C.’

By | 18 Comments

But will they teach you to drive in the sun, look out for number one?

the o.c.

McKayla Maroney And Rachel Bilson Will Be Unimpressed Together On ‘Hart Of Dixie’

By | 7 Comments

McKayla Maroney will guest star on the upcoming season of "Hart of Dixie," where she and Rachel Bilson will presumably make stink faces at people for an hour.


Reminder: Summer > Anna

By | 4 Comments

Please consider this your periodic reminder that Summer Roberts from 'The O.C.' was awesome, and that Seth was totally insane to even consider picking Anna over her back in Season 1.


The Supreme Court Health Care Ruling Explained Using GIFs from 'The O.C.'

By | 38 Comments

All anyone wants to talk about today is the Supreme Court's health care ruling.

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