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The Oatmeal Raised Over $800,000 To Build A Tesla Museum


Tesla will finally get his due thanks to crowdfunding and a former web designer.


The Oatmeal’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Hair Vs. Violence Graphic Makes Almost Too Much Sense


Since we went a day without using the Breaking Bad tag -- for shame! -- I'm happy to share with you this tremendous piece of work drawing the connection between hair length and propensity for violence on the show.

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Here's The Duffle Bag Of Cash The Oatmeal Collected for Charity


We recently saw the conclusion of the long strange trip that was Charles Carreon suing The Oatmeal, aka Matthew Inman.

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Charles Carreon Drops Lawsuit Against the Oatmeal


Charles Carreon has dropped his lawsuit against the Oatmeal, using the popular tactic of taking your ball and going home.

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The Insane Oatmeal Lawsuit: An Update


When we last left this case, which had started as something pathetic and rocketed straight into the ridiculous and insane, Charles Carreon was trying to sue people on Twitter for making fun of him for filing a crazy lawsuit against the Oatmeal.

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The Guy Suing The Oatmeal Now Also Suing Charities The Oatmeal Is Raising Money For


A quick review: a lawyer, Charles Carreon, recently sent Matthew Inman, artist and owner of The Oatmeal, a letter of questionable legal status demanding $20,000 in unspecified damages over claims that the website FunnyJunk was hosting Inman's comics without giving him credit or paying him for the advertising.

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The Lawyer Suing The Oatmeal Is Shocked At The Incivility on The Internet


Charles Carreon, who used to be "the guy who sued to get back Sex.

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FunnyJunk Sues The Oatmeal, The Oatmeal Humiliates Them On the Internet


You know, eventually, lawyers are going to learn that people aren't scared of them, and that if you make threatening noises in their direction, especially if you mess with someone who can summon a lynch mob at will, they're going to roast you like a weenie over a fire.

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