Despite Her Best Efforts, Courtney Love Has Not Found Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

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Using the expanded map coverage from Tomnod, Courtney Love, of all people, thinks that she found where the missing Malaysia Airlines plane crashed.

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This Week In ‘Oops, I Fell Out Of The Boat': When Big Game Fishing Goes Wrong


While on a chartered big game fishing trip, the prized catch got loose and caused a little chaos on the boat.


“Shark Whisperer” Balances Shark In Palm Of His Hand


Incredible footage of a diver balancing a deadly reef shark in the palm of his hand after massaging it to sleep with a gentle nose rub.


Want To Save The World? Start Eating ‘Trash Fish’

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Many American chefs are turning to so-called "trash fish" to provide tasty alternatives to more popular seafood as a means of ensuring future supplies.

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