The Onion’s Olympic Village Tour Is A Hilariously NSFW Athlete Hump Fest

You've gotta hand it to The Onion, when they go all in on the "Olympians do nothing but f*ck each other" concept, they seriously go all in.


Fox News Anchors Who Questioned Gabby Douglas’ Patriotism Get The Colbert Lampooning They Were Begging For


A few days ago there was a video clip making the rounds on the internet of some blonde Fox News garden knome calling the patriotism of gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas -- a 16 year-old -- into question because she wore pink instead of red, white and blue while performing. Take it away, Stephen Colbert.

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Reddit Mistakes Olympic Rower’s Huge Flaccid Penis For A Boner


Someone posted the photo above of an Olympic rower sporting an apparent boner during a medal ceremony to Reddit yesterday afternoon under the headline, "One US rower was particularly excited by his Bronze medal..."


Jon Stewart Exposes The Media’s Failure To Grasp The Concept Of Spoiler Alerts

Every now and then the Daily Show will air a segment that really hits home for one reason or another, so much so that I find myself nodding in approval and uttering "Yes!" under my breath repeatedly. Such was the case last night when Jon Stewart illustrated how awful cable news shows are at not spoiling the Olympics for all of us.


NBC Edited Last Night’s Olympics Gymnastics Competition To Create Drama That Didn’t Actually Exist


Did you watch the U.S. women's gymnastics team barely win the gold medal last night? So much drama, right? Yeah, well, except that's not how it actually went down.


Stephen Colbert Isn’t Going To Let Anyone Forget About Mitt Romney’s Fancy Olympic Dressage Horse

Ever since the Fox News mole released an audio tape of Mitt Romney discussing his love of dressage horses with Sean Hannity off-camera, the presidential candidate has been trying desperately to distance himself from the "sport" most view as something only rich, elitist as$holes give a crap about. Sadly for him, Stephen Colbert won't let anyone forget about it.


Twitter Unsuspends Account Of NBC-Bashing Journalist


Guy Adams, the Twitter user who had his account suspended for bashing NBC's Olympics coverage relentlessly -- just like the rest of the internet -- is back in business, apparently. But Twitter has yet to explain why it did what it did.


Jon Stewart Rips NBC’s Olympics Coverage On The ‘Daily Show’


Well it looks like we, the entire internet, aren't the only one not pleased with NBC's maddening, awful coverage of the London Olympics, aka the Seacrest Olympics -- Jon Stewart is at his wit's end as well.


Twitter Suspends Account Of Journalist Who’s Been Ripping NBC To Shreds In His Tweets


Look, if you read UPROXX, you know we think highly of some of the people who make programming decisions at NBC, and you've probably heard how everyone on Twitter hates them for the way they're handling broadcasting the Olympics.Nevertheless, this, via Deadspin, is chilling.

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