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The Academy Responded To The Anger Over Joan Rivers’ In Memoriam Segment Snub During ‘The Oscars’

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Joan Rivers is the latest notable to be kept out of the Oscars' 'In-Memoriam' montage and her fans are not pleased.


Weekend Preview: Will You Choose ‘The Oscars’ Or ‘The Walking Dead’?

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'The Academy Awards', potential stranger danger on 'The Walking Dead', and the 'Downton Abbey' season finale.

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UPROXX Interview: Oscar-Nominated ‘The Imitation Game’ Producer Teddy Schwarzman Had A Very Good Morning


‘The Imitation Game’ producer Teddy Schwarzman had a good morning, but he'll pass on the chicken dinner.

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UPROXX Interview: Oscar-Nominated Screenwriter Anthony McCarten Slept On A Friend’s Sofa Last Night


Anthony McCarten is nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for writing "The Theory of Everything." But he's not that much different from you.

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Welcome To Showbiz, Kid: The SF Batkid’s Appearance Got Cut From The Oscars

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The SF Batkid was supposed to be on the Oscars but got cut at the last minute. Was it Andrew Garfield's fault???

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‘What Is Dallas Buyers Club About?’ The Top 10 Oscars-Related Google Searches

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"What is Dallas Buyers Club About?" and the rest of this year's most-searched Oscars questions.

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This Year’s Oscars Was The Highest Rated In 14 Years

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Nearly 44 million people tuned in to watch a charming lesbian hand out awards to male models pretending to have AIDs.

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Two Academy Members Admit They Voted For '12 Years A Slave' Without Seeing It

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Two Academy members anonymously admit voting for '12 Years A Slave' without having seen it.


'Conan' Highlights The Real Beneficiaries Of John Travolta's Embarrassing Oscar Flub

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The folks at 'Conan' get their hands on yet another shocking truth, this time regarding John Travolta's embarrassing Oscar moment with Idina Menzel.

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The 10 Totally Most Serious Greatest Oscar Snubs In The History Of Cinema

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There have been great and offensive Oscar snubs in the history of films, but none more than this totally serious list of 10 movies.


If The Posters For This Year’s Oscar-Nominated Movies Were Honest

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This year's Oscar nominations are in, so we continue our tradition of highlighting the funniest photoshopped "honest movie posters" from various sources.

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Even The Oscars Have A Teaser Trailer Now

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In this new teaser trailer for the Academy Awards, host Ellen DeGeneres dances and lip syncs in a tuxedo so you'll never forget that the Oscars will happen.

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The James Franco 'For Your Consideration' Poster Asks Oscar Voters To 'Consider This Sh*t'


Does James Franco deserve an Oscar for his role in Spring Breakers? Consider this sh*t!


Ellen Degeneres Announces That Ellen Degeneres Will Be Hosting The Oscars

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Ellen Degeneres announced on Twitter today that she will be the host of the next Oscars ceremony.


Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Night Nipples Did Not Go Unnoticed By Stephen Colbert

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The post-Oscar buzz has been dominated by talk of J-Law's awesomeness and the Onion's Twitter feed. Sadly, Anne Hathaway's nipples have been overshadowed.

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Lie Witness News: The Oscars


Jimmy Kimmel asked people on the street what they thought about The Oscars -- two days before they happened.

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Your Oscars Hangover Morning Links


[via Fck Yeah Dementia] MORNING LINKS 16 Awesomely Bad Movies Available On YouTube Right Now |Film Drunk| "Turn this podcast around" - Jesse Ventura on the Frotcast |Frotcast| Don't forget that Vince will be performing this Wednesday night at the Hollywood Improv.

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