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‘The Other Woman’ Review: Not Even Kate Upton’s Boobs Can Save This Soulless Glorified Tampon Commercial

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'The Other Woman' is a glorified tampon commercial where upper-class women in upper-class pantsuits enact softcore revenge on their cuckolding husbands.


Weekend Box Office: ‘Captain America’ Finally Taken Down By Kate Upton’s Boobs

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Captain America's biceps were finally over powered by Kate Upton's boobs.


Weekend Movie Guide: ‘The Other Woman’? Try The Other Movie (Burn)

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'The Other Woman' takes on 'Brick Mansions' and 'The Quiet Ones' in a critically-underwhelming weekend in theaters.

Cameron Diaz

Kate Upton Wants Smaller Boobs So She Can Go Braless (Yes, This Is News)

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Kate Upton, on the verge of movie stardom, declared that she wants smaller boobs and that Cameron Diaz has the body she wants. NO.

Cameron Diaz

Kate Upton Runs In Slow Motion In New Clip From 'You're Not Even Reading This Anymore Are You'

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Kate Upton doing what she does best, jiggling around and being ogled via binoculars.


This Week In Posters: March 13th, 2014

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Johnny Depp is here to remind you that the singularity is wearing eyeliner, in this week in posters.

Cameron Diaz

Slow Motion Footage of Kate Upton’s Boobs Bouncing in the Trailer for Somethingorother

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Here's a movie trailer that has some stuff in it and also slow-motion footage of Kate Upton's boobs bouncing while she jogs.

Cameron Diaz

It’s Friday, So Here’s Kate Upton’s Boobs Falling Out On The Set Of ‘The Other Woman’

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As you may know, Kate Upton's big theatrical follow-up to Tower Heist and 30 seconds of The Three Stooges is a Cameron Diaz rom-com called The Other Woman, because, you know, they still make those.


Natalie Portman Stars in ‘Homewrecking Baby Killer’

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<a href=""> The trailer</a> for The Other Woman opens with fresh-faced secretary Natalie Portman (fresh off <a href="" target="_blank">the news</a> that she's pregnant and engaged) introducing herself to her new boss, Jack Wolf.

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