Jon Connor – “Soldier” Video

It isn't going to happen over night, but Jon Connor is scaling the wall to stardom.


Jon Connor – The People’s Rapper LP


By now, you should know what to expect from Jon Connor's latest mixtape, The People's Rapper LP.

The People's Rapper LP

Jon Connor – “Cleaning Out My Closet”

To those who are still aren't up to speed with Jon Connor's music, yes, ignorance is bliss but it's time to stop dilly-dallying.


Jon Connor – “The Way I Am”


As much as I enjoy hearing Jon Connor's soul unraveling on "The Way I Am," off his upcoming Eminem-inspired project The People's Rapper, part of me wonders why the project is even going down in the first place.

The People's Rapper LP

Jon Connor – “Soldier”

Showing love to his fellow Michiganite, Flint native Jon Connor has chosen to wreak havoc over Eminem instrumentals for the next entry in his “Best In The World” series, The People’s Rapper LP.

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