The Primer: 10 Twista Songs Everyone Should Know

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Twista has rightfully earned his reputation as Hip-Hop’s lyrical assassin with the genre’s quickest tongue.


Twista Feat. Lloyd – “Bad Girl” Video


<a href=""> Twista's The Perfect Storm may have gave us <a href="">little reason</a> to take out that severe weather insurance policy, but if his bonus track's visual with crooner Lloyd is any indication of his current status, everything has been sunny on his side of things this past winter.


“Up To Speed” – Review Of Twista’s The Perfect Storm

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<a href=""> Lightspeed rapping has long been a staple on the Midwest scene ever since Bone Thugs were relevant back in the '90s. However, in recent days, it’s been toned down, with only glimpses of the style in rappers like Lupe Fiasco and Freddie Gibbs, among others. But ever since the early parts of the decade, the only rapper who’s really consistently maintained this flow, in front and center stage, is Twista. A longtime vet in the game, he has <a href="">stated that</a> The Perfect Storm, differs from the rest of his catalogue because he’s learned from his prior mistakes, and gained enough experience to perfect his craft.


TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Twista

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Off the top of your head, how many rappers can you name who have consistently been getting radio spins for the last fifteen years.


Twista – “3 Minute Murder”

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<a href=""> Charles Manson. OJ Simpson. Ted Bundy. Jeffrey Dahmer. Jon Benet's parents. Son Of Sam. With all the attention these aforementioned executioners get, the fact <a href="">Twista</a> has been a murderer for years occasionally gets forgotten.


Twista Feat. Raekwon – “The Heat” Video

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<a href=""> I'm pretty sure heatwaves classify as a type of storm in the geological world so <a href="">Twist</a> and <a href="">The Chef</a> are still aiming for the boiling point since <a href="">the original release</a> of this great ball of fire.


Twista Feat. Chris Brown – “Let’s Make A Movie”

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<a href=""> When he's not directing words through his music at hurricane speeds, Twista opts to make the quiet storm his forecast of choice. And since he's a visionary, he creates motion pictures. But fans of Dreamworks and Disney Pixar need not apply. The type of movies Twist films are triple X like the ones Pinky makes. Not to say Twista knows anything about that but The Perfect Storm will attempt to blow panties off your chick this October. Get your raincoats people. The latex kind. <a href="">Twista Feat. Chris Brown - "Make A Movie"</a> | <a href="">Download</a>.


Twista Feat. Raekwon – “The Heat”

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<a href=""> Twista's tongue-twistin' has been his gift and curse when it comes to getting respect amongst the Hip-Hop consensus. Obviously his style has been bitten more times than Sookie Stackhouse but it still can be misconstrued that he's all flow and no content. Well, his collaboration with Raekwon from The Perfect Storm should burn a disbeliever with every degree of his lyrical inferno. Forget a storm. This is a volcano with molten lava spilling from the recording booth. <a href="">Twista Feat. Raekwon - "The Heat" (Prod. By The Legendary Traxster & No I.D.)</a> | <a href="">Download</a> H/T: <a href="">HHNM</a>.


Twista – “I Do”

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<a href=""> The Doppler rap radar says another <a href="">Twista</a> storm is on the horizon, as The Human Hurricane prepares to get back on wax.

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