A Jagged Edge Member Was Arrested For Allegedly Shoving An Engagement Ring Down His Fiance’s Throat

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Kyle Norman of Jagged Edge was arrested on aggravated assault charges after an incident with his fiancé

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Suge Knight Arrested On Murder Charge In Fatal Hit-And-Run

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Suge Knight faces a $2 million bail after being arrested on suspicion of murder charges in Los Angeles.

Suge Knight

Suge Knight Allegedly Killed Someone On A Movie Set Today

By | 38 Comments

Suge Knight reportedly ran over another man and killed him.

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While You Were Sleeping, Benzino Was Arrested Last Night

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Benzino arrested in Atlanta airport after a gun was found in his baggage.


Kevin Gates Is Wanted By Police In Connection With A Shooting At His Show

By | 5 Comments

Kentucky police want to question Kevin Gates about a shooting at a recent show.

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Houston’s Doughbeezy Shoots And Kills Would-Be Robber

By | 20 Comments

Houston rapper Doughbeezy shoots and kills attacker in attempted robbery.

the weeknd

The Weeknd Arrested For Allegedly Punching A Police Officer

By | 15 Comments

The Weeknd got arrested in Las Vegas on Saturday.

george zimmerman

While You Were Sleeping, George Zimmerman Was Arrested Again In Florida

By | 33 Comments

George Zimmerman was arrested in Florida on charges of domestic violence.


Does The President Know Malia Obama’s A Big Joey BadA$$ Fan?

By | 26 Comments

Joey BadA$$ got arrested for assault, but he also got a boost of support from Malia Obama.


McDonald’s Messed Up This Guy’s Order So He Allegedly Pulled A Pistol On Workers

By | 50 Comments

A McDonald's messed up a Nashville man's order so he responded by allegedly brandishing a pistol.

Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda Held On $2 Million Bail For Gun And Drug Charges

By | 85 Comments

Bobby Shmurda held on $2 million bail at a hearing in state Supreme Court in Manhattan.

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While You Were Sleeping, Bobby Shmurda Was Arrested Last Night

By | 27 Comments

Bobby Shmurda arrested in connection with shootings and drug trafficking.

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Beanie Sigel’s Sister-In-Law Wanted For Questioning In The Rapper’s Shooting

By | 5 Comments

Beanie Sigel's sister-in-law has been named as a person of interest in the Philadelphia rapper's <a href="http://uproxx.com/smokingsection/2014/12/beanie-sigel-shot-in-new-jersey/">December 5 shooting</a>.

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Jeezy Beats The Case On His Gun Charges

By | 9 Comments

They stem from an August 2014 arrest after a show in southern California.

tiny doo

Here’s Why Every Songwriter Is Guilty Until Proven Innocent

By | 20 Comments

The courts have song lyrics in their sights, leaving all artists as open targets.


Beanie Sigel Got Shot This Morning In A Place Called Pleasantville

By | 28 Comments

In yet another bad break, Beanie Sigel was shot after an altercation near a New Jersey home.

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