A Topless Activist May Face Charges For Attempting To Steal Baby Jesus From The Vatican’s Nativity

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A FEMEN activist is in hot water after causing a topless disturbance at The Vatican's nativity scene.


Here Are The Pope’s Top 10 Secrets To Happiness In Adorable Animal GIF Form

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Pope Francis recently shared his Top 10 Secrets to Happiness, but they needed something extra for the Internet audience.

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The Pope Is Throwing Shade At Married Couples Who Substitute Pets For Children

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The Pope is speaking out on the influence of a culture that tells couples life is better without children. Screaming kids or fancy vacations? HMM.

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The 10 Most Awesomely Un-Pope-Like Moments From The Pope’s First Year On The Job

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You rascally rascal of a Pope. Somebody needs to keep an eye on you!

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Watch Pope Francis Totally Drop The F-Bomb During His Sunday Blessing

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Following Sunday blessing, Pope Francis went out drinking with a bunch of bikers.

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The Pope Is Selling His Harley-Davidson… Wait, What?


The Harley-Davidson gifted to the Pope last year will be auctioned off next month to benefit a charity for the homeless in Rome.


If They Melded: Arianna Huffington & Donald Trump Edition


Conan O’Brien mashes together video footage of celebrities, and the results are horrifying.


Wet Willie Newsbomb


A student standing behind his school president during a live newscast about the new Pope takes the opportunity to give his classmate a wet willie.

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Lie Witness News: The New Pope


Jimmy Kimmel asks people on the street what they think about the new pope, even though there isn't a new pope yet.




Find out what happens when five old men are forced to live in the same house and have to compete against each other to become the next Pope.

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Can We Find Love In A Popeless Place?

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Pope Benedict will make a run to Costco later to stock up on oatmeal and candles. Later in the day he'll hit the early bird special at Piccadilly.

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Possible Papal Gay Sex Scandal: Is The Pope Boning His Male Secretary?

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Is a gay sex scandal the real reason the pope's retiring? Andrew Sullivan has me convinced!

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An Illustrated Guide To Becoming The Next Pope

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How the hell does one become the pope? Well, here ya go. You're welcome!


SNL: Papal Securities


Papal Securities is the trusted name in planning for Popes eying retirement.


Two Competitors For The Pope's Throne, Magical Monkeys, And Afternoon Links


Today's afternoon links, featuring two characters who could be pope and a music video with murderous, magical monkeys.

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Twitter Fight: Pope vs. Dalai Lama


After Pope Benedict announced his resignation, he got into a vicious Twitter exchange with the Dalai Lama.


Twitter Has Something For This: 20 Of The Best Reactions To Pope Benedict's Resignation

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As you MAY have heard this morning in between practicing Prince's cane walk, Pope Benedict XVI unexpectedly resigned from his post this morning.

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