the dark knight

The Author Of ‘The Prestige’ Has Some Harsh Words For Christopher Nolan Over His Batman Films


Christopher Priest, author of 'The Prestige,' is not a fan of Christopher Nolan's other work, especially his take on Batman.


7 Christian Bale Movies To See Before “Dark Knight Rises”


As is the case with most stars of iconic super hero movies, Christian Bale's legacy will always go something like Bruce Wayne first, any other role second.


'The Dark Knight Rises' Meets 'The Prestige' For One Superbly Nolan-Centric Mashup


As Dark Knight Rises hysteria has built up over the last several months I've seen comparisons here and there of Christopher Nolan's trilogy to the three acts of a magic trick as laid out in the director's most underrated effort, The Prestige.

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