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Nintendo vs. Sega! Transformers vs. GoBots! These Rivalries Defined The ’80s And ’90s.


The battle lines were drawn if you were an '80s or '90s kid when it came to the great Kool Aid/Wyler's debate.

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Chris Hardwick Got Kicked Off Of ‘The Price Is Right’ Set Thanks To Some After Hours Mischief


Chris Hardwick took celebrities to tour 'The Price is Right' set after hours, and was told to stop by studio execs.

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Jimmy Kimmel Spoke With The Woman In A Wheelchair Who Won A Treadmill On ‘The Price Is Right’


Jimmy Kimmel had Danielle Perez -- the woman with no feet who won a treadmill on 'The Price is Right' -- on as a guest.

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‘The Price Is Right’ Offered An Unfortunate Prize To A Woman In A Wheelchair


Yikes... 'The Price is Right' could have had no idea that the contestant coming up to win a treadmill would have been in a wheelchair.

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A Whole Lot Of People Got Married On Today’s ‘The Price Is Right’


Drew Carey officiated a mass wedding that was set to the always-romantic 'The Price is Right' theme song.

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Watch Drew Carey Lose It When This ‘The Price Is Right’ Contestant Describes Herself


Even this girl's mom was laughing at the way she explained what she's studying in college on this morning's 'The Price is Right.'

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This ‘Price Is Right’ Spokesmodel Screwed Up And Accidentally Won Somebody A Car


Oh This Poor, Poor 'Price Is Right' Model. We feel her embarrassment.

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Bob Barker Returned To Host ‘The Price Is Right’ For The Best April Fools Prank Ever


The legendary host made his return to 'The Price is Right,' and it was a gift more than it was a prank.

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Watch An 84-Year-Old Woman Sink A Putt To Win A New Car On ‘The Price Is Right’


This lady just won herself a brand new $16,000 car by sinking a mini putt hole in one.

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‘Price Is Right’ Contestants Have No Idea How Much An iPhone Costs


While we all my scoff, there is a level of innocence and purity to not knowing the price of an iPhone, which this woman clearly does not.

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This Guy’s Brain Fart Led To A Spectacular, Cringeworthy Blooper On ‘The Price Is Right’


Here's one of the more cringeworthy moments in the history of "The Price Is Right."

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Meet The Hunky New Australian Male Model Coming To ‘The Price Is Right’

After a worldwide search and online voting, Australia's James O'Halloran has been chosen to join 'The Price is Right' as a model.


Here Are Five TV Shows That Were Revived And Returned Better Than Ever

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Some shows just need a time to break out. Or Alex Trebek.

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