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‘Price Is Right’ Contestants Have No Idea How Much An iPhone Costs


While we all my scoff, there is a level of innocence and purity to not knowing the price of an iPhone, which this woman clearly does not.

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This Guy’s Brain Fart Led To A Spectacular, Cringeworthy Blooper On ‘The Price Is Right’


Here's one of the more cringeworthy moments in the history of "The Price Is Right."

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Meet The Hunky New Australian Male Model Coming To ‘The Price Is Right’

After a worldwide search and online voting, Australia's James O'Halloran has been chosen to join 'The Price is Right' as a model.


Here Are Five TV Shows That Were Revived And Returned Better Than Ever

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Some shows just need a time to break out. Or Alex Trebek.


RIP Ox Baker, Master Of The Heart Punch, 1934-2014


The pro wrestling world has lost as a true legend as Ox Baker, master of the Heart Punch, has died at age 80.

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Is This The Largest Overbid In ‘The Price Is Right’ History?


A few thousand dollars ain't nothing to our new favorite "The Price is Right" contestant.


These Planned-But-Scrapped Storylines Would Have Completely Changed The Course Of 12 TV Shows


Here's 12 roads considered, but not traveled, that would have completely altered the course of their respective TV series.

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All The Pre-Jesse Pinkman Times You May Have Seen Aaron Paul And Not Realized It


Take a look back at eight rare Aaron Paul moments before he became everyone's favorite meth dealer.

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Watch 90-Year-Old Bob Barker Reenact His Punch-Out Scene From ‘Happy Gilmore’


Ninety-year old Bob Barker punched out a 'Bold and Beautiful' actor as a part of his animal awareness storyline on the soap.

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This Game Of Thrones World Cup Goal Celebration Needs To Happen In Real Life


Conan took a look at ridiculous World Cup goal celebrations and created a few of his own, including a tribute to Ned Stark.

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Craig Ferguson And Drew Carey Will Swap Each Other's TV Shows On April Fools' Day


Craig Ferguson And Drew Carey will take turns hosting each other's shows on April Fool's Day. Unless it's a trick? I knew it!

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Judy From ‘The Price Is Right’ Is A Warrior

Judy, a contestant on today's episode of "The Price Is Right," injured her ankle spinning the wheel and did the Showcase Showdown on crutches. Judy goes hard.

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A Woman Lost Her Damn Mind Winning A $157,000 Audi On 'The Price Is Right'


Check out this 'Price Is Right' celebration to end all celebrations while pondering how you'll pay for food next week, you poor bastard.

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A Dapper-Looking Bob Barker Returned To ‘The Price Is Right’ Today To Celebrate His 90th Birthday


Bob Barker is still the man. What an absolute delight to see him on The Price Is Right again.

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