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A Self-Proclaimed 'Skateboard Rabbi' Went On 'The Price Is Right' High On Shrooms (And Morning Links)

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Watch a "Price Is Right" contestant proclaim he's a "skateboard rabbi" while high on mushrooms (and the Morning Links).


Aaron Paul Was On ‘The Price Is Right’ In 1998

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"Jesse Pinkman, COME ON DOWN." Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul appeared on "The Price Is Right" in 1998.

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A Contestant on 'The Price Is Right' Fell Down and Lost a Tooth, and Handled It Like a Champ

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This is a clip of an older gentleman losing a tooth while running up to the stage to meet Drew Carey on "The Price Is Right.


The Miami Marlins Home Run Statue Is Really Happening

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We’d seen <a href="">the artist renderings</a> and we’d heard the rumors – every time Giancarlo “Mike” Stanton and Co.

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Snoop Dogg on ‘The Price Is Right’ Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Plinko Thang

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Appealing to the show's well known fan base of stoned grandmas and 11 a.


Snoop Dogg’s “Showcase Showdown” On “The Price Is Right”

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It was only a matter of time before <a href="">Snoop</a> made his way onto the greatest mid-day game show of all time.


Pro Wrestler Made It On Price Is Right

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This is a few weeks old but I didn’t see it until now, so it is essentially brand new, but professional wrestler Brian Kendrick was a contestant on The Price is Right recently, and it wasn’t part of a promotion or a gimmick.

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Jeremy Roenick Has A Future In TV

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Retired NHL journeyman Jeremy Roenick was a special guest on The Price Is Right yesterday and while I have no idea why other than he was available, the whole thing was about as ass-backwards and uncomfortable as you can imagine, yet surprisingly fun.

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PoV: The Price Is Right

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<a href=""> Deborah should watch her back. On a sidenote, when did Drew Carey get hair? H/T: <a href="">Matt @ Warming Glow</a>.

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Gah! Make Her Stop!

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Yo, Deborah, stop counting your cash and get the hell outta there before that "Price is Right" model eats your soul.

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In his long stint as the host of "Price is Right," Bob Barker slept with God-only-knows how many showroom models before he got hit with a <a href="" target="_blank">string of sexual harassment lawsuits</a> starting in the mid-nineties.

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This lady fainted during the Showcase portion of "The Price is Right.

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Nothing's going on in the world of television right now, so I'm digging into the Internet archives and posting my favorite clip from "The Price Is Right": a guy named Taylor gets on the show on his 19th birthday and just OWNS everyone.

the price is right


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The Game Show Network is actually going to host and air the <a href="" target="_blank">first-ever Game Show Awards</a> to honor "classic and modern game shows.

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