The Process

Memphis Bleek – “Toast 2 ‘Em”

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<a href=""> After over a decade of championing the finer things in life without pitting us through the struggle to get there, Memphis Bleek is finally ready to assume responsibility as rapatician, reporting on the real. Only problem is, in his headstrong efforts to disenfranchise himself with the Roc, he's scraping the bottom of the barrel for beats-n-hooks. This new song? Crap. The beat sounds like the background hymns for a Vick's VapoRub commercial and the guy on the chorus just very well may be the geeker who <a href="">was soliciting the Wayans for junk food</a>.

The Process

Memphis Bleek – “Still Ill”

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<a href="">Young Memphis</a> isn't playing the apprentice anymore.

#Jay Z

Movin’ Out (Malik’s Song)

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Just like Turtle from Entourage, Memph Bleek feels it's that time to step out from the shadow of Big Brother.

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