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The Rapture – “How Deep Is Your Love” (A-Trak Remix)

In between recent launches of both a Sirius radio show and New York storefront for his innovative Fools Gold imprint, A-Trak found a few minutes to remix The Rapture's summer single, "How Deep Is Your Love.


50 Objects That Look A Little Like Jesus


As thousands of Harold Camping's followers have changed their personal planners to highlight October 21 as the new date of the Rapture, a woman in a Chicago suburb believes that something big happened on May 21 after all.


NBA Round-Up: Chris Kaman Was Ready

On Friday, as the majority of us sold our belongings, cleared out our DVRs and awaited our golden light beams to meet our makers, Los Angeles Clippers center Chris Kaman Tweeted that he was also preparing for the rapture, just in case.


Morning Links: D’oh, We’re Still Here


The world's most publicized doomsday proclamation to date came and went on Saturday.

the rapture

My own personal rapture story

Seeing as how the only thing besides the death of Randy Savage on the Internet's mind today is the Rapture, I thought I'd share a little personal story with y'all.

the rapture

Holy Crap The Rapture Is Actually Tonight

So all this time we've been thinking that the rapture was supposed to go down at 6pm tomorrow.


Darryl Talley is Not Taking the Rapture Very Seriously


A loosely organized Christian movement has spread the word around the globe that Jesus Christ will return to earth on Saturday to gather the faithful into Heaven.

the rapture

Will You Be Swept Off To Heaven In The Rapture?

Well the time has finally come folks.

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