the rich

This NY Times Trend Piece On Rich People Hiring Culinary Advisors For Nannies Is A Call For Revolution


I'm not sure if this trend piece in today's New York Times was intended to spark a violent peasant uprising, but it should. It's time for the torches and pitchforks, people.

the rich

Mark Cuban’s Interview With Howard Stern Was Delightful


Mark Cuban sat down for an interview with Howard Stern this week. it was one of the more revealing looks into the life of a filthy rich person you'll hear.

the rich

Goldman Sachs Resignation Letter Inspires Brilliant Star Wars Parody

By now you've probably noticed that the rich in America -- the "1%" if you will -- live differently than the rest of us, the lowly 99%.


Apple Is Essentially Printing Money AND Growing It On Trees


In case you haven't heard, yesterday was the day that Mitt Romney finally released his tax returns -- after several years of being urged to -- revealing himself to be filthy rich.

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