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This NY Times Trend Piece On Rich People Hiring Culinary Advisors For Nannies Is A Call For Revolution

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I'm not sure if this trend piece in today's New York Times was intended to spark a violent peasant uprising, but it should. It's time for the torches and pitchforks, people.

the rich

Mark Cuban’s Interview With Howard Stern Was Delightful

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Mark Cuban sat down for an interview with Howard Stern this week. it was one of the more revealing looks into the life of a filthy rich person you'll hear.

the rich

Goldman Sachs Resignation Letter Inspires Brilliant Star Wars Parody


By now you've probably noticed that the rich in America -- the "1%" if you will -- live differently than the rest of us, the lowly 99%.


Apple Is Essentially Printing Money AND Growing It On Trees

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In case you haven't heard, yesterday was the day that Mitt Romney finally released his tax returns -- after several years of being urged to -- revealing himself to be filthy rich.

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