The Rose Tint

David Dallas Is Quitting Rap Tomorrow

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David Dallas is retiring from rap tomorrow.

Tom Gould

David Dallas Feat. Buckshot – “Ain’t Coming Down” Video


It's always a great feeling when you're welcomed with open arms into your new environment.

Tom Gould

David Dallas – “Start Lookin Round” Video

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To commemorate the arrival of international Hip-Hop product to North American shores, directors Tom Gould and Alexander Richter give David Dallas' New Zealand sense of vision a New Yorker's varnish for the "Start Lookin' Round" video.

The Rose Tint

David Dallas Feat. Tayyib Ali & The Kid Daytona – “Feel Like Oasis”

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Take David Dallas' track title with a grain of salt: if he really felt like one of the Gallaghers, he'd be bitter, quarrelsome and feeling superficially great from knocking down a Scarface-sized mountain of nose candy.

The Rose Tint

David Dallas – “Take A Picture” Video

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David Dallas and production company Special Problems decided to get very creative with The Rose Tint's "Take A Picture.

The Rose Tint

David Dallas Feat. Che Fu – “Sideline” Video

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It’s Monday morning, my brain is moving just about as slow as can be, and joy of joys, it’s raining.

Tom Gould

David Dallas – “Life Is…” Video

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After already stating how much I love David on "Life Is...," I think I like the video for the track even more and credit's due to Duck Down.

The Rose Tint

David Dallas – “Life Is…”

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Dave Dallas' accent may be a little off-putting initially but do understand his music is rap with resolve and grit.

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