The Rose Tint

David Dallas Is Quitting Rap Tomorrow

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David Dallas is retiring from rap tomorrow.

Tom Gould

David Dallas Feat. Buckshot – “Ain’t Coming Down” Video


It's always a great feeling when you're welcomed with open arms into your new environment.

Tom Gould

David Dallas – “Start Lookin Round” Video

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To commemorate the arrival of international Hip-Hop product to North American shores, directors Tom Gould and Alexander Richter give David Dallas' New Zealand sense of vision a New Yorker's varnish for the "Start Lookin' Round" video.

The Rose Tint

David Dallas Feat. Tayyib Ali & The Kid Daytona – “Feel Like Oasis”

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Take <a href="">David Dallas'</a> track title with a grain of salt: if he really felt like one of the Gallaghers, he'd be bitter, quarrelsome and feeling superficially great from knocking down a Scarface-sized mountain of nose candy.

The Rose Tint

David Dallas – “Take A Picture” Video

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<a href="">David Dallas</a> and production company Special Problems decided to get very creative with The Rose Tint's "Take A Picture.

The Rose Tint

David Dallas Feat. Che Fu – “Sideline” Video

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It’s Monday morning, my brain is moving just about as slow as can be, and joy of joys, it’s raining.

The Rose Tint

David Dallas – The Rose Tint

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<a href=""> Today's the great day for D. Dallas' much talked about project, The Rose Tint. With the release harboring only a few features, David holds his own amongst a sea of newcomers, which shouldn't be a task at all considering he's already traversed oceans and continents to make it this far. Stream the project via the audio player below and/or download it in a quick, easy zip file for free at <a href=""></a>.

Tom Gould

David Dallas – “Life Is…” Video

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<a href=""> After already stating how much I love David on <a href="">"Life Is...,"</a> I think I like the video for the track even more and credit's due to Duck Down.

The Rose Tint

David Dallas – “Life Is…”

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<a href=""> <a href="">Dave Dallas'</a> accent may be a little off-putting initially but do understand his music is rap with resolve and grit.

The Rose Tint

David Dallas Feat. Freddie Gibbs – “Caught In A Daze” Video

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<a href=""> Take a little bit of gangsta and gleam, poise and polish, and your mixture might just resemble the unconventional pairing of David "Best Rapper In New Zealand" Dallas and Freddie "Best Rapper In Gary, Indiana" Gibbs. With their esteemed demographics represented in every ounce of lyricism they possess, the phrase "Caught In A Daze" takes on a new meaning aside from the obvious wacky tobacky-induced euphoria. From NZ to L.A., Hip-Hop shows its global dominance as it's equally present as the shining sun. <a href="">David Dallas</a> is wasting no time putting the D's in Duck Down Records.

The Rose Tint

David Dallas Feat. Freddie Gibbs – “Caught In A Daze”

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<a href=""> Are you spread so thin right now, you feel like down time is completely out of the question? If so, take four minutes to mentally put your feet up and don't get "Caught In A Daze" from our homie <a href="">David Dallas'</a> mind-easing collaboration with <a href="">Gary, IN's finest</a>.

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