‘The Rover’ Is The Sweatiest Movie Of The Year

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Vince reviews David Michod's 'The Rover,' our most anticipated movie of the summer.


Weekend Movie Guide: C-Tates Is Gonna Make You Jump, Jump

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Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are back for even more buddy cop jokes in '22 Jump Street.'


God Put A Bullet In Robert Pattinson In The New Clip For ‘The Rover’

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Guy Pearce recruits Robert Pattinson to join him on a dystopian adventure in Australia in this new clip from 'The Rover.'


The Full ‘Rover’ Trailer Has More Sweat, Dirt, And Gunplay. Yes, Please.

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'The Rover' looks awesome, but can anyone understand what the hell Robert Pattinson is saying?


The First Teaser For David Michod’s ‘The Rover’ Is Full Of Sweaty Gunfights Because Hell Yes

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Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson get in sweaty gunfights in the teaser for 'The Rover,' from 'Animal Kingdom' director David Michod.


This Week In Posters & Stills

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Guys, I've been drowning in unwritten reviews from SXSW (still got a couple more of those to finish, get excited.

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