Terrace Martin Feat. Kenneth Crouch – “All This Love” Video

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The saying goes "spread love, not war" but 'ol Terrace Marty Mar is taking it to the next level, advocating all the ladies get naked with their socks on.


Terrace Martin & Devi Dev – The SEX EP

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My dearest Devi Dev sent over the final version of her & Terrace's The SEX EP this morning and I would post the front cover but it's so raw it would make Kanye's MBDTF artwork seem tame.

Wiz Khalifa

Terrace Martin Feat. Wiz Khalifa – “Go Get It”

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Wiz joins Terrace Martin for an upbeat number in Week 8 and the last #DeviTerraceTuesday before The SEX EP drops.

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