Stanley Kubrick's Longtime Producing Partner Calls 'Room 237' 'Idiotic'

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You know who *doesn't* think 'The Shining' is an elaborate conspiracy? The guy who researched and produced it.


Batman And Bane Have Finally Been Added To 'The Room' And Other, Um, Classics

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Pistol Shrimps make parody mashup videos in which they place their own version of Batman in famous movie scenes. Here's the third installment.


Check Out ‘The Shining,’ ‘The Big Lebowski,’ And Other Classic Films Get Amazing Animated Remakes

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The Animation Workshop in Denmark has put together this collection of student animation presenting re-imagined and remade films lie 'The Big Lebowski'


People Are Cramming Entire Movies Into GIFs Now, And The Results Are Mesmerizing

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If you thought the Internet had already reached peak GIF-ification, you were way off.

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The Shining (8-Bit Edition)


The Shining gets retold as an old school 8-bit video game.


Stephen King Still Totally Hates Kubrick’s Version Of ‘The Shining’

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Has Stephen King softened on Kubrick's movie version? Ha ha, no...


Frotcast 147: Room 237, Tyler Perry’s newsletters, and Laremy

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Listen on the player above, or <a href="" target="_blank">download this week's episode as an mp3 here</a> (right-click, "save as.


'The Shining' Meets 'Dumb and Dumber' (Morning Links)


[via <a href="" target="_blank">Clip Nation</a>] MORNING LINKS <a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-84325"></a>James Franco’s Neighbors Hate Him |<a href="" target="blank">Film Drunk</a>| Matt Ufford has added another title to his resume: podcaster.


‘The Shining’ Meets ‘Dumb & Dumber’


The modern horror masterpiece and comedy mega-blockbuster get a seamless mashup.


‘The Shining’, And Three Other Classic Books Butchered By Great Directors

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Every director on this list is a certified film genius. That doesn't mean every movie they made was good.


The Original Ending Of ‘The Shining’ Has Been Discovered… Kind Of

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As I discussed recently in a very random tribute, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining <a href="">is one of my absolute favorite movies of all-time</a> (Category: All; Sub-Category: Horror).

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Come Play With Us, Danny: A Definitive Gallery Of Tributes To ‘The Shining’

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One of my least favorite questions in the world is: “What’s your favorite movie.


‘Life of Pi’ Sweded Poster and Your Morning Links


[via <a href="" target="_blank">Fck Yeah Dementia</a>] MORNING LINKS Quentin Tarantino says he hopes Death Proof will be the worst movie he makes |<a href="" target="blank">Film Drunk</a>| From Biggie To Slayer: 12 Great Musical Guests Who Appeared On ‘The Jon Stewart Show’ |<a href="" target="blank">UPROXX</a>| Maggie From ‘The Walking Dead’ Has A History With Awkward Topless Scenes |<a href="" target="blank">Warming Glow</a>| I'd rather see those dead twin sisters than two SpongeBobs.


A Frightful Collection Of Halloween-Themed Mashups

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Featured mashup videos of the week, including 'Willy Wonka' as a horror movie, Mike Myers as Michael Myers, 'The Exorcist' as an '80s sitcom, and Dexter Morgan's Laboratory.


Batman Also Has A Problem With Apple Maps (As Do Katniss And Jack Torrance)


The Apple Maps App makes life more difficult for Batman in 'The Dark Knight', Katniss in 'The Hunger Games', and Jack Torrence in 'The Shining'.


The Shining: Apple Maps Edition


Jack tries to use Apple Maps to navigate the maze during The Shining's blizzard scene.


Klingon Style, Abraham Lincoln Ghostbusting, And Other Mashups


Featured mashup videos of the week, including 'Star Wars' Gangnam Style, dramatic Spongebob, heartwarming 'The Shining', and 'Back to the Future' with Skrillex.

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