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FXX’s New Commercial For ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon Is One Million Percent Accurate

By | 14 Comments

FXX gives us a dark and realistic look at the future of a world in which 'The Simpsons' is on at all times during a two-week marathon.


Good News, Everyone! The ‘Simpsons’ / ‘Futurama’ Crossover Is Coming In November

By | 8 Comments

'Futurama' will be visiting Springfield in a crossover we actually want... and it seems to hint at the show's return.

guinness world records

This ‘Simpsons’ Super Fan Just Set A World Record With His 41st Tattoo Of Homer Simpson

By | 7 Comments

Lee Weir, a 27-year-old from New Zealand, just set a new world record for "Most Tattoos of the Same Cartoon Character Tattooed on the Body."


A ‘Simpsons’ Fan Made The Only Coca-Cola Name Bottle Worth Owning

By | 8 Comments

"We need more Bort Coke bottles in the gift shop. I repeat: we are sold out of Bort Coke bottles."


Your Least Favorite ‘The Simpsons’ Episode Has A Premiere Date

By | 22 Comments

We're still not sure if "The Simpsons"/"Family Guy" crossover is real.


For The Former ‘Simpsons’ Fan: 10 Episodes From The Past Five Years That Are Totally Worth Watching

By | 32 Comments

While 'The Simpsons' is past is prime these recent episodes are better than you might think.


Here’s Pitbull And Jimmy Fallon Playing Giant Beer Pong In Front Of Moe’s Tavern

By | 15 Comments

Memories of when 'The Simpsons' was a great show come flooding back when Jimmy Fallon and Pitbull play beer pong at Moe's Tavern.


And Now, The Simpsons NHL Logo Mash-Ups You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

By | 27 Comments

Someone mashed up The Simpsons with NHL logos and they are AMAZING. You'll never see the Phoenix Coyotes logo the same way again.


This Sunday’s ‘The Simpsons’ Couch Gag Is Remarkably Depressing

By | 8 Comments

This Sunday's couch gag on "The Simpsons" will make you question your life decisions.


In Defense Of Zac Efron: We’ve Rounded Up Some Of Television’s Worst Neighbors

By | 20 Comments

With the release of 'Neighbors', we thought it would be an appropriate time to reflect back upon some of television's worst neighbors.


Remember ‘The Simpsons’? They’re Back… And In LEGO Form!

By | 4 Comments

To tide you over until ALF Pogs are FINALLY released, here is every character on "The Simpsons" in Lego form.


Here’s A Complete Timeline Of Will Arnett’s Seemingly Endless Cameos

By | 12 Comments

Will Arnett is the king of TV cameos, especially if it involves a Mike O'Malley sitcom.


Have You Noticed The Pixar In-Joke That’s In An Old ‘Simpsons’ Episode?

By | 7 Comments

There's a connection between every Pixar movie and "The Simpsons."


Here’s The Full-Length Trailer For The LEGO-Themed ‘Simpsons’ Episode, ‘Brick Like Me’

By | 12 Comments

Now there's a full-length, movie-style trailer for this Sunday's LEGO-themed "Simpsons" episode, "Brick Like Me."

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