Eyeball Licking

A Montana Man Licked A Police Officer’s Eyeball While Resisting Arrest Outside Of ‘Pisser’s Palace’ Bar


A Montana man was put in jail after licking a police officer's eyeball outside of Pisser's Palace bar. Wait, did they say Pisser's Palace?


The Five Most Important Things About The Federal Employee With ‘Uncontrollable Flatulence’ Story

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While many of us were taking a break from the world wide web, the shades-of-Jerry-Gergich story was taking over the internet.


Steve Jobs’ FBI File Reveals He Was The A-Hole We Know He Was, May Have Been Back-Stabbed By The Woz


After a person of prominence dies, the FBI will usually make available whatever info/dirt it has in it's archives on the person.


Oh Hell, Haiti

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For years, no one gave a damn about Haiti.


Say It Ain’t So Alfamega…

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Nothing like catching up with old friends So much for a 10 round fight.


Pushed To The Limit…

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Written by Chris "Preach" Smith More info on the t's later.

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