Frotcast 218: The Sopranos Ending, Joe Sinclitico’s Movie Pitches

By | 17 Comments

Joe Sinclitico has a bone to pick about Chinese automatic sperm extractors, and Scott Stapp from Creed sings a song about baseball.


One Last Time, About The Finale Of ‘The Sopranos’

By | 18 Comments

Let's all talk out the "Sopranos" finale one last time and then put it to bed forever.

The Sopranos

David Chase Claims That He Did Not Say That Tony Soprano Is Still Alive

By | 34 Comments

After it was reported that David Chase said Tony Soprano did not die at the end of 'The Sopranos,' he is singing a different tune.


Michael Imperioli Knows What ‘The Sopranos’ Finale Meant

By | 35 Comments

The man who played Christopher Moltisanti in 'The Sopranos' has some insight into the final seconds of the series.

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