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Asher Roth Feat. Akon – “Last Man Standing”

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<a href=""> First of all, let it be known "Last Man Standing" is a good song. Better than the average <a href="">Asher Roth</a>, without question.

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Asher Roth Feat. D.A. Wallach – “Gotta Get Up” Video

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<a href=""> The surge in creativity for viral clip should never cease to amaze you nor continue to inspire new techniques. Director Luke Tedaldi was up for the challenge to painstakingly win over your attention span when he was asked to shoot <a href="">Asher Roth's</a> latest slacker exhibition.

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Asher Roth – “More Cowbell”

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<a href=""> "My speech be like I mixed roofies with Kool Keith..." Unlike most MCs who've had a legitimate hit and succumbed to the mainstream success that follows, <a href="">Asher Roth</a> has kept it Hip-Hop.

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Asher Roth – “G.R.I.N.D” Video

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<a href=""> Optimistic Asher reminds us all to "Get Ready It's A New Day" with the latest video from his upcoming album, The Spaghetti Tree. A little positivity goes a long way. Download -- <a href="">Asher Roth – “G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It’s A New Day)”</a> Via <a href="">Semtex</a>.

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Asher Roth – “G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It’s A New Day)”

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More than a few of us believed <a href="">Asher Roth</a> would've achieved more in the time since his highly-hyped Asleep In The Bread Aisle hit shelves over a year ago.

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