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'Today Show' Legend Willard Scott Finally Married His Longtime Partner

By | 15 Comments

Everyone's favorite birthday announcer and weatherman, Willard Scott, has finally tied to know to his longtime love.

al roker

Two 'Today Show' Hosts Will Have Cameos In 'Sharknado 2'

By | 2 Comments

Two of your favorite hosts from 'The Today Show' will have cameos in 'Sharknado 2.'

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Reminder: Prince Once Surprised Bryant Gumbel On 'Today' By Dressing Like Bryant Gumbel

By | 3 Comments

The year is 1997 and Prince is wearing a Bryant Gumbel costume. We have much to discuss.


Ryan O'Neal's 'Today' Show Interview This Morning Was As Much Of A Trainwreck As You'd Imagine

By | 11 Comments

Somewhere around the commingling of blood and tears this interview goes off track.

incomprehensible diatribes

Watch Sarah Palin Babble Incoherently As She Tries To Explain Her Obamacare Alternative To Matt Lauer

By | 66 Comments

Good luck making grits or gravy out of this. Sarah Palin can still vomit out indecipherable horsesh*t with the best of them.

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Nick Offerman Appeared On The ‘Today’ Show In A Canoe This Morning And It Was Amazing

By | 8 Comments

This was like something you'd see on "Parks & Rec," but real. I think. You really should watch this video.

matt lauer

#Teens Are #Sexting And ‘The Today Show’ Is ON IT

By | 19 Comments

The 'Today' show did a report on sexting yesterday, which you must see for the hilarious graphics alone.


Hoda Kotb Showed Up At Kathie Lee’s House To Surprise Her On Her Birthday. It Was Perfect.

By | 10 Comments

To celebrate Kathie Lee Gifford's 60th birthday, Hoda Kotb surprised her with balloons and a mariachi band. And booze. Obviously.

embrace debate

All Of The Arguing About Drew Brees’ $3 Tip Is Just Plain Stupid

By | 10 Comments

Between <a href="" target="_blank">Aaron Hernandez’s murder charges</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Riley Cooper’s open invitation</a> for safeties to decapitate him and even Johnny Manziel supposedly lowering his draft stock <a href="" target="_blank">for being a typical college bro</a>, I thought that the NFL’s writers who don’t like doing actual reporting on teams and players and simply prefer sticking to moral brow-beating and soap box finger-wagging.

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We Did It, America: Gary Busey Talked About Farts With Kathie Lee And Hoda

By | 6 Comments

Gary Busey appeared on "Today" this morning and talked with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hota Kotb about farts. Best day ever.

matt lauer

Executives At ‘Today’ Called Their Plan To Fire Ann Curry ‘Operation Bambi’

By | 16 Comments

In an excerpt from his new book, Brian Stelter says the plan NBC and "Today" executives hatched to fire Ann Curry was called "Operation Bambi."

ann curry

Matt Lauer Prefers To Not Be Photographed Holding Knifes, And Other Bits From NY Mag’s ‘Today Show’ Story

By | 8 Comments

To put it mildly: the set of the 'Today Show' sounds like something out of a Shakespeare play, with lies and betrayal lurking around every corner.


Kathy Lee Topples "Untoppleable" Mug


If you're going to promote a product on The Today Show, make sure it lives up to its name.


Here Is A Clip From ‘Today’ Of A Woman Hitching A Ride On A Great White Shark

By | 22 Comments

"The Today Show" aired a clip of a woman hitching a ride on a great white shark's fin this morning, and now I am TERRIFIED.

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Matt Lauer Creepily Lets Anne Hathaway Know That He’s Seen Her Vagina

By | 42 Comments

Wow, when did Matt Lauer become such a creep-o? Poor Anne Hathaway.

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