The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Danny DeVito Brought His #TrollFoot To ‘The Tonight Show’ And Jimmy Fallon’s Face


Danny DeVito invited Jimmy Fallon to "Get close to the foot" last night while introducing him to the global sensation known as #TrollFoot

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

‘I Choked': Watch Terrence Howard Explain His Oscar Breakdown And Make Fun Of Himself

By | 3 Comments

Why did it sound like Terrence Howard was having a panic attack at the Oscars? He explains.

#Jimmy Fallon

Ryan Reynolds Plays Egg Russian Roulette With Jimmy Fallon. This Is A Very Specific Fetish.


Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon take turns smashing eggs against their heads. You either want to see that or you don't.

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Watch Jimmy Fallon And Kelly Clarkson Sing Through The History Of Duets

By | 12 Comments

Kelly Clarkson lends her voice to 'The Tonight Show' to highlight some of the best from over the years.

#Broad City

Watch Abbi Jacobson And Ilana Glazer Of ‘Broad City’ Play A Hilarious Game of ‘Would You Rather’

By | 8 Comments

Belly buttons or eyebrows? Mozzarella sticks for toes or fish sticks for fingers? The two ladies weigh in.

#Jimmy Fallon

Watch Christina Aguilera Whip Out A Pitch Perfect Imitation Of Britney Spears

By | 15 Comments

Christina Aguilera stopped by 'Fallon' and ended up playing Wheel of Musical Impressions, breaking out a nice Britney Spears imitation.


Dustin Diamond Says He Wasn’t Invited To The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Reunion

By | 14 Comments

Dustin Diamond says his invitation to the 'Saved by the Bell' reunion must have gotten lost in the mail.

Sigourney Weaver

Louis C.K. Wants To Be Killed In The Next ‘Alien’ Film

By | 5 Comments

Would you pay to see Louis C.K. get horribly mauled by an alien? We would!

#John Oliver

John Oliver Thinks ‘Hologram Jon Stewart’ Should Take Over ‘The Daily Show’


John Oliver has the perfect idea for keeping 'The Daily Show' chugging along after John Stewart's departure.


Edward Norton Says They Intentionally Made Him Look Small Next To Bill Hader’s Stefon On #SNL40

By | 12 Comments

Did you noticed Edward Norton's Stefon looked much smaller than Bill Hader's Stefon on #SNL40? That was not unintentional!

#Jimmy Fallon

Norman Reedus Proves He’s Always Handy With A Crossbow On ‘The Tonight Show’


Norman Reedus always prefers a crossbow as Daryl Dixon on 'The Walking Dead,' but he's not shabby with it in real life either.

#Jimmy Fallon

Watch Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Completely Ruin Jimmy Fallon’s Game Of ‘Catchphrase’

By | 6 Comments

Triumph, Jack McBrayer, and Colin Firth join Jimmy Fallon to play a terrible game of 'Catchphrase' on 'The Tonight Show.'

#Jimmy Fallon

Hugh Grant, Charles Barkley, And Jimmy Fallon Play A Speedy Round Of Hallway Golf

By | 2 Comments

Charles Barkley joins Jimmy Fallon and Hugh Grant for Hallway Golf and his swing is actually not terrible.

#Jimmy Fallon

Rosamund Pike Practiced ‘That Scene’ From ‘Gone Girl’ On Dora The Explorer

By | 7 Comments

Rosamund Pike showed a Dora the Explorer doll how to be a "cool girl."

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