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Bank Robbery Isn't Nearly As Lucrative As It's Portrayed In The Movies


Six years ago now, Steven Leavitt famously broke down the economics of selling crack and found that <a href="">it pays less than minimum wage</a>.

the town

Robbers dressed like The Town take over bank outside Chicago

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A pair of bank robbers wearing nun habits and rubber masks a lá Dougie MacRay's gang in The Town recently staged a "takeover-style" heist in suburban Chicago.


Box Office: Wall Street 2 something something bull pun

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Not surprisingly, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (finance verb)ed it's way to the top this week, earning an estimated $19 mil from 3500 theaters for the top spot.


Star Wars + The Town: Puttin' this whole death stah in my reahview

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I know, I know, we're really running this whole The Town/Bawston thing into the ground.


Frotcast 15: Softball w/ the Jonas Bros., The Town in owah reahview

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On this week's Filmdrunk Frotcast: We discuss Ben's charity softball game against the Jonas Brothers.


The Town leaves the Bawx Office in its reahview, Devil inexplicably tanks

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Ben Affleck's blue-collah, sophomore directawrial effit <a href="" target="_blank">The Town</a> landed in the tawp spawt at the bawx awfice this weekend, earning an estimated $23.


I'm leaving this whole The Town review in my reahview

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Ben Affleck is fast becoming one of my favorite directors in Hollywood.


Paul Giamatti and Ben Affleck have new trailers

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Here's Paul Giamatti in the trailer for Barney's Version, which is playing at the Toronto Film Festival.


Ben Affleck directs ‘Nawt Anothah Bawston Cawp Movie’

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The fact that Ben Affleck directed it not withstanding, Gone Baby Gone was my favorite movie of 2007.

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