Let’s All Point And Laugh At The Imminent Death Of ‘American Idol’

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Singer-competition fatigue has officially set in, as 'American Idol' and 'The Voice' hit new lows.


Gwen Stefani Is In Talks To Replace Christina Aguilera On ‘The Voice’

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Now that Christina Aguilera is pregnant with her second child, NBC has turned to Gwen Stefani as a possible replacement for 'The Voice.'


Stop What You're Doing And Watch This Nun Blow Everyone Away On 'The Voice'

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This Nun shows up on 'The Voice' like a gift from God and makes everyone drop their jaws in awe.


Your Mother Can Rest Easy, Adam Levine Is Officially People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’

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We now know that Adam Levine is officially sexiest man alive, closing yet another exciting chapter in this blogger's life.


NBC Is Bumping The Next Three Episodes Of ‘Parks & Recreation,’ Including The Halloween Special

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NBC is bumping the next three episodes of "Parks & Recreation," including the Halloween episode, in favor of "The Voice" and an SNL special.


What It’d Look Like If John Lennon Auditioned For ‘The Voice’

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Imagining a universe in which some nobody named John Lennon auditions for "The Voice."


Cher Performed On TV Live For The 1st Time In 12 Years And Wore A FABULOUS Pink Wig On ‘The Voice’

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Oh hey remember Cher? Well she performed live tonight on The Voice for the first time in over a decade, and did so in a FABULOUS pink wig.


This Is The Stupidest Story In History And It Involves Adam Levine’s Feelings About America

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A bunch of stupid people got mad at Adam Levine for jokingly mumbling "I hate America" on "The Voice" last night.


SNL: Adam Levine’s Monologue


Adam Levine's monologue gets judged, The Voice-style, by Andy Samberg, Cameron Diaz, and Jerry Seinfeld.


IMPORTANT: Cee Lo Looked Like Fat 1980s Prince On ‘The Voice’ Last Night

By | 10 Comments

Cee Lo looked ridiculous on "The Voice" last night, and we need to talk about it.


NBC's Midseason Schedule Changes A Reminder Of Why NBC Is Terrible

By | 14 Comments

A look at NBC's mid-season changes, including the return of 'Celebrity Apprentice' and 'Betty White's Off Their Rocker.'


NBC Messes Up Your Thursday Night Sitcom Viewing This Week (And The Morning Links)

By | 9 Comments

A schedule change to NBC's Thursday night comedies, plus highlights from around the web.


Christina Aguilera’s Halloween Costume Is Very Confusing

By | 25 Comments

Here is Christina Aguilera's Halloween costume. Your guess is as good as mine.


‘The Voice’ is Complicated


The process The Voice uses to find the best singer in America is probably more complicated than it needs to be.

Villaina Duvall

9.18 The Cooler

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Villaina Duvall Shakira, Usher Joining "The Voice" In Spring; Aguilera, Cee Lo Out <a href="">[Billboard]</a> Obama Taps Video Games for Early Voting <a href="">[Ad Week]</a> Drake's “The Motto” Tops List Of Most Illegally Downloaded Songs In The U.


Cee-Lo Green’s Preparing A Christmas Album

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Cee-Lo Green's prepping a stocking stuffer for fans, but it's not Age Against the Machine, the long-awaited Goodie Mob reunion album.


What’s On Tonight: Xtina’s Cleavage Welcomes Us To The Fall 2012 TV Season

By | 7 Comments

The best and worst of what's on TV tonight, including the season premieres of "The Voice" and "The New Normal," as well as MNF.


A Helpful Guide to Understanding What Celebrity Is Hosting Which Singing Competition

By | 13 Comments

With all the revolving chairs on the various singing competitions, here's a guide to help you get a handle on them.


UPDATE: Cee Lo Might Not Have a Bird

By | 6 Comments

Last week we brought you <a href="">the very important story</a> of Cee Lo Green -- a tiny round alien and judge on "The Voice" -- abandoning his "fan favorite feline sidekick" Purrfect the Cat in favor of a pink cockatoo named Lady, which ranks very high on the list of Most Cee Lo Things To Do.

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