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Portishead Is Upset That The Weeknd Sampled Their Song Without Permission

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The Weeknd sampled a Portishead song for "Belong to the World." Portishead is not happy.

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Very NSFW Music Video For The Weeknd's 'Twenty Eight' Shows It's Good To Be Abel Tesfaye

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Watch the music video for the Weeknd's "Twenty Eight," featuring a bevy of topless women.


Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Songs Of The Week (And The Single Best Song About Twinkies)

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The best new music of the week, including releases from Yo La Tengo, My Morning Jacket's Jim James, and History of Apple Pie.

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The Weeknd’s Video For ‘The Zone’ Might Get You Pregnant


FACT: merely listening to The Weeknd has been known to cause ovaries to release eggs, so there's a good chance watching this video may impregnate someone.

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Live Review: The Weeknd At New York City’s Terminal 5


The Weeknd played a show in NYC a few weeks before dropping their first official studio album, and we were there to cover it.

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Final Track: 7 Must-Hear Songs of the Week

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It’s impossible to cover every bit of new music that comes out during the week, so every Friday, we’ll be doing an end of the week music roundup.

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The Weeknd’s ‘Montreal’ Gets The High 5 Collective Treatment


You know, it's been too long since we've posted a video from <a href="">High 5 Collective</a> -- a group of guerrilla music video makers who like to, as they put it, “make art for artists that inspire us.

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High 5 Collective’s Video For Kanye, Jay-Z’s ‘No Church In The Wild’ Is Downright Stunning


For benefit of the uninitiated, guerrilla music video makers <a href="">High 5 Collective</a> are <a href="">a group</a> that likes to, <a href="!/h5c">as they put</a> it, "make art for artists that inspire us" -- making high-quality web videos for artists like <a href="">Frank Ocean, the Weeknd</a> and <a href="">Arcade Fire</a> in the past.

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The Video For The Weeknd’s ‘The Birds (Part 1)’ Is Quite Black Swan-y


About Thursday, the latest <a href="">free, downloadable offering</a> from 21 year-old Toronto-based R&B crooner, Abel Tesfay -- aka <a href="">The Weeknd</a> -- Consequence of Sound <a href="">wrote</a>: "(It) plays a bit like a Bret Easton Ellis novel reads, giving off a feeling that’s somewhere between hopelessness and apathy.

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