Rihanna Went To The White House And Pretended To Be On ‘Scandal’

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Rihanna went full Olivia Pope during her trip to Washington DC, and she's got the photos to prove it.

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Please Allow Snoop Dogg To Recount For You The Time He Got High In The White House

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If anyone is going to be able to pull off smoking pot at the White House, you better believe it's gonna be this guy.

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Medal Of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter Met Dave Grohl While Roaming The White House

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Kyle Carpenter was just receiving his Medal of Honor and all when Dave Grohl popped up out of nowhere. No big deal, right?


Obama Is Screening ‘The Monuments Men’ At The White House With The Cast Today

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President Obama is having the cast and crew of 'The Monuments Men' at the White House today for a private screening and/or Illuminati meeting.

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Now The White House Has To Address The ‘Kill Everyone In China’ Kimmel Controversy

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After the petition reached the required 100,000 signatures this morning, the White House must address the controversy over Jimmy Kimmel's China sketch.


Tumblr Alert: The White House Is Now Tumbling Things


On a day typically reserved with throwing out news with the garbage, the White House went and joined Tumblr!


The Death Star Ain't Dead Yet: Open Source Death Star Has A Kickstarter

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The White House may have said no to the petition to build the 'Star Wars' death star, but a Kickstarter project hasn't given up yet.

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The White House Has Had Enough Of Your Online Petition Shenanigans, Internet

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The White House is raising the number of signatures a petition needs to garner an official response from Obama to 100,000. Blame the Death Star.

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Aubrey Plaza Keeps A Naked Booty Painting Of Herself In Her Dining Room, Stole From Joe Biden

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When the internet's aloof girlfriend gets dolled up to sit on a couch and tell Conan eccentric stories I feel obligated to make it known.

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White House Petition To Build The Death Star Receives Enough Signatures To Warrant A Response


A petition to build a Death Star garnered enough signatures to warrant an official White House response. We also know what that would actually cost.


Brewing Beer at The White House


Go behind the scenes in the White House kitchen and see the brewing of President Obama's homemade beer.


The Obama Administration Is Never Gonna Give You Up


The Obama Administration have made it clear that they aren't afraid of the internet, engaging citizens through Twitter and Facebook.


“Check It At The Door”

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Since they have a "Blackberry checkpoint" before entry, I wonder how many people get stripped of ownership of their cell phones @ the Oval Office.


3.26 The Cooler

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Thick Thursdays With Ms.


“Sly Fox”

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Sometimes, we have to speak on news pieces or give some backstory.

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