The Still-Creepy Winklevoss Twins Launched Their Own Entertainment 720 To Find The ‘Next Facebook’


The Winklevoss twins have opened an office in New York that sounds like it has some serious Entertainment 720 potential.


The Winklevii Would Like To Sell You Some Pistachios

When we last checked in on Hitler youth stalwarts Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, they were being called as$holes in public by noted staggering as$hole former Harvard President Larry Summers. (Takes one to know one, right.


Winklevoss Twins To Former Harvard President Larry Summers: No, You’re An A-hole


You may recall yesterday we told you about former Harvard president Larry Summers said that the Winklevoss twins -- the comic book villain genetic freaks who've been suing Mark Zuckerberg for a piece of the Facebook pie since they were both still in test tubes -- are exactly the as$holes everyone thinks they are.


Former Harvard President Larry Summers: ‘The Winklevoss Twins Are A-holes’

Among the people suing Mark Zuckerberg for a piece of his considerable Facebook cash pie, the most prominent -- and achingly persistent -- are the Winklevoss twins, Tyler and Cameron, also often referred to as the "Winklevii" thanks to Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher.

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