Move Over, Everyone Else: ‘X Factor’ Fans Really Loathe The St. Louis Cardinals

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Here’s what I know from my very limited knowledge and actual viewing history of Fox’s hit show, The X Factor: It is a glorified episode of MTV’s Cribs, in that they spend more time gawking at the celebrity judges’ homes than they do making children cry.

Britney Spears

Jillian Jensen's Tear-Inducing Audition on 'The X Factor'


Jillian Jensen brings the crowd and judges -- including Simon Cowell -- to tears with her story and rendition of "Who You Are" on The X Factor.


Female Pop Star #278 Gets Burned By A Contestant On ‘The X Factor’ For Using Autotune

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A contestant on "The X Factor" hilariously burns host Demi Lovato for her use of Autotune.

michael jackson

Prepare Yourself For Amy Winehouse And Elvis Holograms On ‘The X Factor’


You haven't heard "Thriller" until you've heard it sung by Hologram Michael Jackson and an amateur vocalist.


Fox's Fall Schedule Includes a Lot of Singing and Product Placement

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Fox has unveiled their fall schedule ahead of their upfront presentation, and their strategy mostly seems to be: If it ain't broke, let's milk it for another season.


TV GIFs of the Week: Rick Perry Hates Your Favorite Things, Zooey > Emily, and More

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Most shows were new last week, so we’ve got plenty of GIF fodder for this week’s post, including: crying judges, incest, Louis C.


The Next New Susan Boyle #394

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Here's Josh Krajcik (rhymes with tragic) on "The X Factor.


‘X Factor’ Debut Ratings Only Okay

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"American Idol" pulled in 26 million viewers with its new panel of judges last season, so I figured that Simon Cowell's "X Factor" would be equally as successful, especially with the way the British version crushed its predecessor  "Pop Idol.


Eight Minutes of ‘The X Factor’

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Here's the eight-minute preview of "The X Factor" that I think ran on Fox yesterday.


The Official Warming Glow Fall TV Preview Drinking Game

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In case you missed the ads plastered all over this webpage yesterday, last night was the season premiere of "Sons of Anarchy," effectively beginning the Fall 2011 TV season.


Simon Cowell Is F’n Weird

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With the debut of the American "X Factor" looming, <a href="" target="_blank">GQ profiled Simon Cowell</a> for its most recent issue, and hoo boy are there some oddities that stick out.


Cheryl Cole Either Re-Hired or Still Fired from ‘X Factor’

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There have been a slew of rumors about Cheryl Cole since she was reportedly fired four days into filming the U.

nicole scherzinger

Cheryl Cole Out at ‘X Factor’; Replaced by American Cheryl Cole

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Although Fox has yet to confirm it, various sources are saying that Cheryl Cole is out as a judge on the American "X Factor," and that she'll be replaced with Nicole Scherzinger, the Pussycat Doll/"Dancing with the Stars" champ who was originally signed to be the show's co-host (Scherzinger has been a guest judge on the British "X Factor").


Fox, NBC Release Schedules for 2011-12

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NBC and Fox have released their schedules for the fall of 2011 and spring of 2012, and if you've been paying attention to the cancellations and pickups, there's not a whole lot that will surprise you.


Simon Gave Paula a Job

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Simon Cowell's "X Factor" began taping in Los Angeles yesterday, and for some reason Paula Abdul was there.


Super-Exciting News Roundup

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There aren't a lot of excellent TV news stories today, so here's a trailer for this Friday's season finale of "Fringe," as well as some other headlines around Hollywood.


‘The X Factor’ Just Got Sexy

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Despite the Steven Tyler-led resurgence of "American Idol,"Simon Cowell's new "X Factor" is poised to become America's premiere televised karaoke competition when it airs this fall.


X Factor to create child millionaires

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FOX and the producers of the upcoming Asa of Judah-quality Idol killer “The X Factor” said Monday that they would award the winner of their forthcoming singing competition a Sony Music record deal worth five million dollars, the “the largest guaranteed prize in television history.

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