A Woman Maced A Man Who Asked Her To Turn Off Her Cell Phone During An AFI Screening

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A dry period piece about a stuffy English painter turned into a Worldstar video.


‘You Farted During Boyhood’ Is Our New Favorite Craigslist Missed Connection

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Boyhood is the rare great movie that could be made even greater with the addition of an opportune fart.


That Retired Florida Cop Who Killed A Guy For Texting In A Theater Was Also Texting In The Theater

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The retired Florida cop who killed a theater-goer for texting in the theater was also texting in the theater, according to court documents.


A Man Who Wore Google Glass To Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Was Interrogated By Homeland Security

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An Ohio man who wore Google Glass to a Jack Ryan screening was questioned by Homeland Security agents for almost three hours.


Follow-Up: The Man Who Killed Another Man For Texting During A Movie Was A Former Police Captain

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Curtis Reeves, who shot Chad Oulson for texting during previews of Lone Survivor in Florida, was a retired police captain and director of security for Busch Gardens.


Two Shot, One Killed For Texting During A Screening Of ‘Lone Survivor’ In Florida

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Two shot, one killed for texting during a screening of Lone Survivor in Florida.


600-Person Brawl Erupts Outside Florida Theater Christmas Day

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A 600-person brawl erupted outside a Florida theater that was showing Anchorman 2 and A Madea Christmas.


Kerfuffle Watch: Blogger calls 911 over guy using cell phone in theater at TIFF

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Press and industry screenings are places where business/producery types working on distribution deals for movies rub shoulders with bloggers/writers/journalists who cover those movies.


Man Arrested Carrying Loaded Gun, Body Armor, and 34 Rounds at Flint Theater

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It's been a little more than a year since that sideshow Bob-looking freakshow killed 12 people at an Aurora screening of The Dark Knight Rises, and people seem to have largely forgotten about it in light of more recent mass shootings (a happy ending.


Florida Cop Leaves Gun in Movie Theater Bathroom Where It's Found By 9-Year-Old Boy

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Man, don't you hate it when you take your gun off to take a huge dump and then you dump so good you end up crapping your short-term memory and forget your gun right there in the shitter.


Police raid Utah theater after janitor advertises live sex show on Craigslist

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Six people were arrested last week at a theater north of Salt Lake City after the theater janitor reportedly put it up on Craigslist as a gangbang venue and charged participants admission.


Vigilante Theater Critic Defenestrates Rude Broad’s Cell Phone

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In a story that's been going around the internet for about a day and a half now, Kevin Williamson, a theater columnist for The National Review, is currently being hailed as a hero to anyone who's ever lacked the balls to shush a fellow theater goer.


Watching movies in India is very… interactive.

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I've never been to India or watched a movie there, so I can't tell you how representative this is of their usual movie-watching practices, but if it's even close, Indians put the worst stereotypes about catching a picture at the Magic Johnson theater to shame.

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