Lindsay Lohan Swears She Won’t Miss Any Performances In Her West End Debut

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Lindsay Lohan says that she's not going to miss any rehearsals or performances for her upcoming London show, so I guess that's good enough!


INTERVIEW: 15 Questions With Terminator Too: Judgment Play Producer Thomas Blake

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The producer of "Terminator Too: Judgment Play" explains how they've turned T2 into a DIY stage production. It involves a wheelchair as a motorcycle.


Great News! 'A Confederacy Of Dunces' Adaptation May Soon Be Coming… To Broadway

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Calling all fat guys, 'A Confederacy of Dunces' may soon be coming to Broadway.


There’s Going To Be A Broadway Musical Inspired By Tupac Songs

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"Holler If Ya Hear Me," a Broadway musical inspired by the songs of Tupac Shakur, has an official release date.


INTERVIEW: 16 Questions with Point Break Live! Director/Producer Thomas Blake

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Point Break Live producer/director Thomas Blake delivers the scoop on how to show big wave surfing and skydiving for under $100, trying to do a play in Vegas, and Gary Busey chasing the cast around with a water gun. Enjoy, butthorns

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New Orleans Theater Critic Thinks ‘Book Of Mormon’ Signifies The Death Of American Culture

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Theodore P. Mahne sounds more like a Fox News commentator than he does a theater critic in New Orleans, a city famed for debauchery, lewdness, excess, and vice.


That Unauthorized ‘Saved By The Bell’ Musical Is Taking New York By Storm

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The campy, unauthorized "Saved by the Bell" musical is playing to standing-room-only crowds in New York City.


Florida Cop Leaves Gun in Movie Theater Bathroom Where It's Found By 9-Year-Old Boy

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Man, don't you hate it when you take your gun off to take a huge dump and then you dump so good you end up crapping your short-term memory and forget your gun right there in the shitter.


Jackie Chan is doing a stage musical based on his life

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Jackie Chan is too old to do the kind of stunts that made him famous, which is a shame, but that doesn't mean he's stopped working.


Helen Mirren cussed out a gay pride parade while dressed as Queen Elizabeth

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Helen Mirren cursed out a group of drummers from a gay pride parade over the weekend, all while dressed in full stage costume as Queen Elizabeth II.


CONFIRMED: The Magic Mike Musical will include audience lapdances

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Undeterred by Matthew McConaughey's biggest Oscar snub of all time (with the "Ladies of Tampa" snub being a close second), Magic Mike producers are still moving forward with plans for a Magic Mike Broadway musical.

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“Val Kilmer’s goal is to become his generation’s preeminent Mark Twain impersonator”

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I've touched on it before when I posted about his stage show, and a lot people in and around LA already know about it, but I'm not sure most people (myself included) understood the full extent of Val Kilmer's Mark Twain ambitions.


Liam Neeson’s Hologram is Starring in a German Prog-Rock Play

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Filmdrunkard Hendrik, our man in Hamburg, in the great European city of Germany, snapped this picture the other day, and with the combination of "Liam Neeson hologram" and "War of the Worlds stage show," not surprisingly, he left quite confused.


*OF COURSE* Magic Mike will become a stage musical

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According to one critic quoted in the previews, Magic Mike is "the Citizen Kane of stripper movies," and with the most Important Film of Our Times set to open in less than a week, my browser tabs are currently running about 90 to 95 percent C-Tates stories.


'Pulp Shakespeare'

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Here's a video that's exactly what it sounds like, and clever mainly in the sense that I'm surprised no one had thought of it sooner.


Pulp Fiction Finally Gets Medieval On Our A$$es, Shakespeare Style


Back in 2008, a wiki called "A Slurry Tale" was started to crowdsource a re-write of Pulp Fiction as a Shakespearean play because that is very, very important.


Don't Let Theater Kids Blog About Sports

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By way of nearly everyone with a working index finger and a knowledge of our tipline this morning comes Jeremy Lin The Musical, wherein a guy whom I'm just gonna assume is Bobby Lee from MadTV plays "Jeremy", a down on his luck Asian gent who tries to join the local basketball club, only to be taunted and rejected by the its multi-cultural members.


Stallone producing a Rocky musical with the Klitschko brothers. Wait, what?

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I cover the film industry for a living, and as absurd as it is, it still doesn't hold a candle to theater, where writing songs about a movie and hiring a washed-up sitcom star to play the lead are considered innovation.

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