Check Out This Video The iPad Thieves Made To Celebrate Their ‘Good Night’s Hustle’

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They stopped by a Burger King two blocks from the crime scene to record the celebration and post it to Facebook.


A New PSA Wants Kids To Steal Their Parents’ Guns And Give Them To Their Teachers

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A San Francisco-based production company made the video, which depicts a boy bringing his mom's gun to school to give to his teacher.


Watch As These Clever Cow Thieves Pull Off An Epic Heist With Gusto

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These two men had a cunning plan to steal this cow and were not about to let common sense stop them.

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A Massive Theft Shut Down A Major Bitcoin Bank

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The bad news parade for Bitcoin continues, as a major Bitcoin bank is closing.


People Keep Stealing Colorado’s ‘420’ Mile Marker Sign And This Was The Hilarious Solution

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As far as creative solutions go, this Colorado road sign is one of the funniest I've seen.

#agents of shield

Did ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Swipe Art From A Video Game?

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'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' might be firing an effects artist, if this rather damning accusation turns out to be true.


14% Of All Crime In NYC Is iPhone Theft

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iPhone theft is a common problem. So common that in NYC, it's actually a pretty big chunk of all crime, period.


Burglars In New Mexico Stole Dwarf Porn DVDs And Then Torched A Mobile Home

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That’s right, burglars in New Mexico, not Florida, are reportedly responsible for a mobile home fire after they broke in and stole a variety of goods from the place.


A Porn-Loving Church Computer Thief Got Busted When He Tried To Remove The Porn-Blocking Software

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Troy Ridling is a gentleman who learned the hard way that churches tend to block porn on their computers.


Someone stole $75,000 worth of sex toys from the Pain & Gain set

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Michael Bay sat down for an interview with The Daily Beast recently, and there were a few interesting bits, like that his first movie was a Playboy video with Kerri Kendall, that he called Ebert "to the mat" on inaccuracies in his reviews, and that Shia LaBeouf "trashed every movie he's ever been in", among other things.


$6,000 theft has police rounding up all the Hollywood Blvd Spider-Men

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I was going to mock up a sweet Usual Suspects Photoshop for this story, but it turns out we already have a non-shopped picture of the real thing: police unfairly profiling and then frisking suspects, just because they happen to be dressed like Spider-Men.


‘White Girl Wasted’ Bike Thief Wins The Internet With Best Apology Ever

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Whether you're six years old or sixty, it sucks to get your bike stolen.


This Week In Non-Shocking Florida News

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As Uproxx’s Senior Florida Analyst and Resident, I have to deal with the “People from Florida are stupid” comments on a pretty regular basis.


Nic Cage’s Action Comics #1 Found In a Storage Locker?


About eleven years ago, a bunch of vintage comics were stolen from Nicolas Cage's home, likely by BEEEEEEEEES.


What Has Your Panties In A Bunch?


The Swiss Bank UBS raised an eyebrow or a million last month after it was revealed that the company was forcing its employees to adhere to a 43-page employee handbook that detailed everything about how they dress, from their glasses to their asses.


Can Your Car Run On Four Loko?

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Here we were, acting all high and mighty, thinking that Four Loko and similar caffeinated alcoholic beverages were destroying the lives of young adults across the country, and now a bunch of egghead scientists have shown us the error of our ways.


“The Banana Costume Has Been Seized And Put Into Evidence.”

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This isn't the guy in the story below, but I wish he were.

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