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Thelonious Martin Releases A Short But Sweet Video For ‘Corners Of Your Mind’


Thelonious Martin releases his new video, "Corners of Your Mind" featuring NYLO & KSRA.

Thelonious Martin

Listen To Thelonious Martin’s ‘PRPWNDRRMX’ Ft. Joey Purp

Thelonius Martin releases "PRPWNDRRMX" featuring Joey Purp.

Wunderkid (Thelonious Martin)

Thelonious Martin Ft. Curren$y And Domo Genesis – ‘Atlantis’

Thelonious Martin takes us to "Atlantis" and back with Domo Genesis and Curren$y.

Wunderkid (Thelonious Martin)

Thelonious Martin Ft. Mac Miller – ‘Her’


Producer readies his upcoming release, 'Wunderkid.'

Yung Lean

The World According To Julie J: F*** Fame


Frenchie - Fukk Fame Mixtape Names and affiliations can be deceitful.

Thelonious Martin

Thelonious Martin – “Move That Dope” (Remix)

It's not the anyone thinks there's a true need for a remix to Future's hit. But who's turning down a new joint from King Thelonious?

Thelonious Martin

Smoke DZA Ft. Cam’ron – “Ghost Of Dipset”

Harlem, stand up! Dipset x the Kush God, b*tch.

Topaz Jones

Guilt-Free Listening: Topaz Jones’ ‘The Honeymoon Suite’


The 20-year-old New Jersey native proved he deserved a place here and on everyone's playlist.

Topaz Jones

Topaz Jones Ft. Hodgy Beats – “Lap of Luxury” (Prod. By Thelonious Martin)

Off The Honeymmon Suite project, dropping tomorrow, January 28th.

Track Fifteen

Ryshon Jones – “Three Kay” (Prod. By Theolonious Martin)

The budding Philly rhymer keeps it realer than real on the latest single from his upcoming Track Fifteen project.

Topaz Jones

Topaz Jones – “Divas At The Disco” (Prod. By Thelonious Martin)

Here's a publishing tip for every artist, manager and publicist looking to get their work featured here: include the words "Produced By Thelonious Martin" in the email's subject line and it will automatically be opened.

Thelonious Martin

Jabee + Thelonius Martin – Deliver Us From Evil

New MURS 316 signee and rising producer release their latest 1-2 punch, Deliver Us From Evil.

Thelonious Martin

Thelonious Martin – “October 26th” + “Tree Of Life”

Upstart Chicago-based producer Thelonious Martin has done enough this year to warrant attention whenever his name is attached to a song.

Thelonious Martin

Evan Holt + Thelonious Martin – “Pic’ N’ Roll” Video

"Pic' N' Roll" is another one from Evan Holt and Thelonious Martin's joint project, The Temptations, which should be releasing today somewhere on those Internuts.

Thelonious Martin

Evan Holt – “In The City” (Prod. By Thelonious Martin)


Evan Holt may be a young MC but, on "In The City," he has a delivery beyond his years.

Topaz Jones

Topaz Jones – “Black Dynamite” (Prod. By Thelonious Martin)

"Black Dynamite" sees New Jersey well represented by the YG's.

Thelonious Martin

Jabee – “Catch The Feeling” Video


Seven quick thoughts on Jabee, King Thelonious and "Catch The Feeling.

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