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‘Let’s Get Social’ Is The Anthem That Social Media Marketing Gurus Have Waited For

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'Let's Get Social' is apparently a 'humor-laced theme song' for the social media marketing experts of the world.


Here’s The Essential 8-Bit ‘True Detective’ Theme Song That You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Listen to this wonderful 8-bit version of the 'True Detective' theme song. Yep, it's my ringtone already.

Beautiful Mine

Beck Turned Down The Chance To Write The ‘Mad Men’ Theme Song

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Beck has a lot of regrets from the past, but one of his biggest ones is skipping on the chance to write the 'Mad Men' theme song.

Comic Books

Important: Rob Liefeld Sang The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theme Song On The Toilet

By | 10 Comments

Rob Liefeld, horrible man-child and worst comic artist ever, sang the 'Game Of Thrones' theme on Instagram while sitting on the toilet.

Viral Videos

Hear The ‘Breaking Bad’ Theme Song Played On Meth Lab Equipment


Listen to the "Breaking Bad" theme song, done meth lab style.


Hear Adele’s Theme Song For The Next James Bond Movie, ‘Skyfall’


If "Bond-y" was an actual genre of music, that's what this song would fall under.


The Definitive List of the 20 Worst TV Theme Songs of All Time

By | 91 Comments

A lot of sites will try to rank theme songs, but we do it differently here at WarmingGlow.


Sing It, Hitler!

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I don't know about you, but I always like to start my day with Hitler singing the theme song to "The Jeffersons.

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