Crazy 2014 TV Theories That Of Course Did Not Pan Out

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A look back at some of the most ridiculous television theories of 2014

#The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ May Have Already Left Clues To The Next Big Bad

By | 27 Comments

"The Walking Dead" needs a new villain. We may already know who it is.


Should The First Mission To Mars Be All-Female?

By | 35 Comments

Slate argues that the first mission to Mars should be dude-free.

#The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman Needs To Go On The Record Promising The Walking Dead Won’t End As Rick Grimes’ Coma Dream

By | 113 Comments

Robert Kirkman needs to go ahead and rule out a very popular 'The Walking Dead' theory now.


Malaysia Airlines: 'All Evidence Suggests The Plane Went Down In The Southern Indian Ocean'

By | 5 Comments

The search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is ongoing, while Australian pilots have spotted new objects in the water there's also a sad update for the families.


Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Update: Is The Debris From The Plane Or Is This Another Red Herring?


Debris has been spotted in the Indian Ocean, but is it Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 or just another dead end?


Bill Nye Joined In On The Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Speculation And Sounded Quite Rational

By | 10 Comments

Bill Nye joins in on the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 theories and speculation and comes out sounding the most rational.


Baron Von Strucker Is Going To Be In A Lot Of Marvel Movies

By | 5 Comments

Better get used to Baron Von Strucker; he's going to be around on the silver screen for a while.


Here’s A ‘True Detective’ Theory That You Might Have Overlooked

By | 82 Comments

While theorizing about 'True Detective' has become an obsession to fans of the show all over the Internet, could we be missing the point?

#Mad Men

Is This The Monster Of All ‘Mad Men’ Easter Eggs, Or A Very Cool Coincidence?

By | 28 Comments

This is either a really cool 'Mad Men' Easter Egg and homage to an old British design shop, or absolutely nothing. It's hard to say which.


Will ‘Person Of Interest’ Really Kill Off Detective Lionel Fusco?

By | 29 Comments

The upcoming three-episode 'Endgame' event on 'Person of Interest' makes it look like Det. Lionel Fusco will die, but will they really go that far?


Please, Please, Please Let This ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale Theory Be True

By | 88 Comments

This would be an interesting way to end "How I Met Your Mother."


Of COURSE Christopher Reeve had a secret, split-second Man of Steel Cameo

By | 25 Comments

Now that we're finally done arguing about the ending of Man of Steel, we can get down to the important stuff, the "brass tacks," if you will.

#Mad Men

The Megan Draper As Sharon Tate Theory Is The Greatest ‘Mad Men’ Theory Ever

By | 131 Comments

Was the shirt that Megan Draper was wearing in this week's episode a tip off to the fact that she may be murdered by season's end?


7 Random Theories On The Surprise In This Week’s ‘Doctor Who’ Finale

By | 76 Comments

Ahead of tomorrow night's season finale of 'Doctor Who,' we speculate on what the major surprise in the episode will be.


Insane 'Breaking Bad' Theory Backed By Questionable Evidence So Good It Might Be True

By | 152 Comments

An interesting 'Breaking Bad' theory with enough supporting evidence to give it some credibility.


The Appendix Might Actually Have a Use?


The appendix is probably the most famous vestigial organ, if for no other reason than inevitably the thing gets infected and out it has to come.


Thankfully, Bert And Ernie Will Stay In The Closet, Not Get Gay-Married


As you may have heard, some people on the internet have been petitioning for the fine folks who run Sesame Street to have Bert and Ernie come out as a gay couple, arguing that such a move would be educate children about gays.

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