Theresa Payne

Theresa Payne – The Moment EP

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If you've paid attention to the last few releases from folks like Rockwell Knuckles, Tef Poe and Vandalyzm, you've already been initiated to the voice of the radiant <a href="">Theresa Payne</a>.

War Music 2

Tef Poe Feat. Theresa Payne – “Satellite”

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Always versatile, <a href="">Tef Poe</a> takes a break from his War Machine persona (though the track will appear on the upcoming WM2) to get some things off his chest.


Tech Supreme – Supremacy Mixtape

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<a href=""> St. Louis has been clean out of control in Twenty Eleven, earning more highlights for WSHH fiascoes than on the real rap scene. That simply won't do and <a href="">Tech Supreme</a> -- the multifaceted producer slash rapper slasher artist extraordinaire -- has rounded up some of the finest talent in Missouri's should be capital to reign a true Supremacy on the game.

You're Fuckin Out I'm Fuckin In

Rockwell Knuckles – You’re F*ckin Out, I’m F*ckin In

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<a href=""> Jay Electronica. Dr Dre. <a href="">Rockwell Knuckles</a>.


Tef Poe – War Machine Mixtape

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<a href=""> Tis the season of giving and <a href="">Tef Poe</a> comes bearing gifts in the form of a new mixtape.

Theresa Payne

Rockwell Knuckles Feat. Tef Poe & Theresa Payne – “Bouncing”

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<a href=""> Every month or so I pick fifteen-to-twenty of my personal favorite joints to move from computer to compact disc and ride out the rest of the month to. After just hearing <a href="">Rockwell Knuckles'</a> rewind-required and <a href="">taco-neck-inducing</a>, "Bouncing," I'm already clearing room on said playlist.


Tef Poe’s Gone “Crazy”

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<a href=""> Given the strength in numbers, we could prolly mention <a href="">The Force</a> on a daily as the loose, multifaceted collective is consistently dropping material and finding angles to approach listeners.

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