Kentucky Fried Chicken

A Chicken Thief Felt So Guilty That She Sent An Apology Note To Kentucky Fried Chicken With Cash

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The owner of a Nebraska KFC got a nice apology note from a guilt ridden customer who took more chicken than she needed.


This Lovely Couple Stole A Cell Phone Then Accidentally Sent Their Homemade Porn To The Victim

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If you're going to steal a cell phone, you might want to check the cloud settings before filming a sex tape.


Haters To The Left: Channing Tatum's Fellow Strippers Call Him A Fraud

By | 23 Comments

When you become a Hollywood A-lister, you’re bound to draw old friends and acquaintances out of the woodworks hoping to hitch a ride on your fame train.

#emma stone

Real Maid Claims ‘The Help’ Is Her Life

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The Help, starring Emma Burns Stone and Viola Davis, has been a critical and box office hit, raking in $119 million while standing strong with scores of 73% (critical) and 91% (audience) on Rotten Tomatoes.

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